Belgian association sold Easter eggs to raise funds for Cuba

According to a publication on the organization's website, this sale takes place annually at Easter. © Prensa Latina Photo © Prensa Latina

A collectionof its own kind carried out by the Belgian association “”, which collects funds to send to Cuba, after the sale of Easter eggs last Sunday.

According to a publication in thewebsite of said organization, this sale is held annually during Holy Week, and consists of the sale of “a bag (or several) of delicious Easter eggs,” which will help “the Cuban people,” say the members of that association close to the La regime. Havana.

They say that they charge “5 euros for a bag of Easter eggs,” and that they also sell “bags of fondant chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.”

They urge to help Cuba and ask people to buy “some bags from family, friends or neighbors.”

According to the national secretary of "",Kasper Libert, in conversation with the official agencyLatin Press, the intention pursues the objective of “dispatching a container with medical supplies to the island in November, which would follow the one sent at the beginning of January, corresponding to the fundraising carried out last year regarding the Easter celebrations.”

A campaign promoted by this institution reached, in March, the sum of seven thousand euros, to which the money collected in other projects will be added, indicated the manager.

Despite their laudable solidarity work, especially in the context ofcrisis andshortage that lives on the island, "", is an association that remains close to the Cuban government. After theprotests that occurred in several Cuban cities during March 17 and 18, the members of that Belgian organization aligned themselves with the official discourse of blaming the United States government for the reasons for those events.

“ calls for solidarity with Cuba after the US destabilization attempts. strongly condemns the blockade and the US destabilization attempts to discredit Cuba and foment chaos. "Cuba respects the right of its people to express themselves and does not need US interference," reads oneuseshared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

However, Cuban citizens are detained, repressed and imprisoned for helping their compatriots, with donations that highlight the efforts they make from a distance or on the island itself.

This is what happened with the Cuban activist Yamilka Laffita, known as Lara Crofs on social networks, who reported, a few days ago, threats against her after her publications about the Cuban girl Amanda Lemus, whose case revealed the collapse of the Health system on the island.

Wavesarbitrary detentions to which the Cuban Alberto Turís Betancourt Pérez was exposed, identified on Facebook as Generosity Christian Jerusalem, and who went out to raise funds through the streets of Havana, with the aim of supporting the girl Amanda, andthe independent journalist from Camagüey José Luis Tan Estrada, from whom State Security took away the donations he had collected for people in need.

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