EE.UU. criticizes prosecutor's request for seven and 10 years in prison for Luis Manuel Otero and Maykel Osorbo

"We call on the Cuban government to release them and stop this unjust prosecution," said Brian A. Nichols, the head of US diplomacy for the Americas.

Maykel Castillo and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara Photo © Maykel Osorbo 349 / Facebook and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara / Facebook

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The United States government condemned the Cuban Prosecutor's Office's requests for prison for the activistsLuis Manuel Otero Alcántara andMaykel Osorbo.

Brian A. Nichols, head of US diplomacy for the Americas, rejected thesentences of seven and 10 years of deprivation of liberty that the Cuban regime proposes for both artists, in prison since last year.

"We call on the Cuban government to release them and stop this unjust prosecution. The right to freedom of expression is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," he said on his Twitter account.

After almost a month of opening the oral trial process, the Prosecutor's Office has announced the sentences it requests for Maykel and Luis Manuel, but the details of the crimes that each of them are accused of are still not known.

Nichols has spoken out on previous occasions for the release of both young people, who in addition to being locked up have a delicate health condition.

This same week,demanded urgent medical attention for Otero Alcántara, after learning that he had suffered paralysis in prison that has left him with consequences.

"He remains seriously ill and detained. The continued mistreatment of the Cuban regime, the deprivation of medical care and the torture of political prisoners is an affront to universal values," he said on his social networks.

The talented plastic artist, who has been imprisoned since July 11, suffered paralysis during his last hunger strike in the Guanajay maximum security prison where he is held. The paralysis left him with vision problems and since then he constantly sees a black spot in one of his eyes.

Despite repeatedly asking to be taken to the doctor, he has received no assistance. Added to this is his dermatitis, severe weight loss and low hemoglobin.

Regarding the situation of Maykel Osorbo, Brian A. Nichols denounced in Decemberthat the regime unjustly imprisoned him for his protest anthemHomeland and Life.

"And he also retaliated against him for dedicating the Latin Grammy to the Cuban people," said the Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

Maykel Osorbo, imprisoned since May 18, has seenhis health deteriorates progressively in these more than 10 months, according to activist Anamelys Ramos.

"One of the lymph nodes that has been swollen for months, the one in the neck on the right side of the body, continues to grow. The prison doctor ordered a new biopsy (Baff). Maykel is not well," the curator explained. of art.

The protesting rapper is in a maximum security prison in the province of Pinar del Río.

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