They arrest the partner of activist Arian Cruz Álvarez during a day of repression in Havana

While the police charge was taking place, Alma Poet helped the protesters and documented the violence unleashed by the repressors, which is why she is accused of the alleged charge of "contempt."

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The Cuban activist for democracyArián Cruz Álvarez, better known on social networks asFather Poet, denounced the arrest of his partner on Saturday night during the repressive charge orchestrated by the Cuban regimeagainst the peaceful demonstrators who were protesting on Línea Street in the Cuban capital.

Cruz Álvarez and his partner,Rosmery Almeda Tapia (better known asAlma Poet, 28 years old) were heading to the latter's house when they ran into a group of citizens who were demonstrating on Línea and G, due to the lack of food, electricity and freedom.

In a live video on his social networks, the activist recounted the events that led to his arrests. According to him, both stopped among the protesters at a time when the initial spirit of the protest was already beginning to wane.

Groups from State Security, the Police and Rapid Response Brigades surrounded the protesters. Suddenly, they began to“give brutal blows” and they pushed the protesters towards Calzada Street, which was completely dark.

Once there, the repression became more violent, hitting minors,“adolescents of 15 and 16 years old”. Cruz Álvarez was unable to record the violent actions of the regime's repressors with his cell phone, but he intervened to help two young people who were being beaten.

“I was shocked when I saw that crazy beating. There was a boy, I think his name was José Antonio,whose face was disfigured with blows. Another 17-year-old boy had his nose and cheekbone broken, and his face was covered in bruises. "They were detained with me," said the activist whom the repressors took under arrest to the Zapata y C police station, in Havana's Vedado.

While the police charge was taking place, Almeda Tapia helped the protesters and documented the violence unleashed by the repressors. Seeing that more troops were arriving in trucks, the two activists left on foot along Línea Street, but were stopped by about ten agents a few blocks later.

At the police station they were interrogated and Cruz Álvarez claimed that they were passing by and that they did not participate in any violent act. However, they told him that his partner was being detained and charged with “contempt” for filming the police action. For that reason,Almeda Tapia was transferred to the prison at 100 and Aldabó.

“Just to record!” exclaimed the activist, outraged by the arbitrariness and sad for the fate of his partner, whom he described as an artist and a sensitive person, who became involved in activism and helping political prisoners. and their families, following the arrests and convictions of the protesters ofthe historic 11J protests in Cuba.

“Alma is my staff and my strength. "I'm going to fight to the death for my partner because I love her.", stated the activist while sending a message of determination to the repressors. “You are henchmen and murderers,” he told the repressors who, as he described, committed a “massacre” with the peaceful protesters on Línea Street.

Through tears, the activist said that there was a boy whom the repressors threw into the air and let fall to the ground, a girl who was dragged by the hair. “We cannot continue putting up with this,” said the activist, referring to the abuse, arbitrariness and impunity of the repressors.

“Alma Poet is a claustrophobic person. “I demand that State Security and this government release him,” said Cruz Álvarez, who took the opportunity to present the case of another protester who also wants to be tried for “contempt” for filming and who is a relative of one of the 11J prisoners. .

Given the lack of electricity, water and food, Havana residents have demonstrated for four days in a row, taking to the streets of impoverished neighborhoods - which since 11J have known the feeling of demonstrating against the government - but also of the so-called "coastal municipalities." , where the “upper classes” of the regime (officials, cadres, leaders, military) and the diplomatic corps reside.

The collapse of the electrical system in Cuba and the inability of the authorities to solve it,have led Cubans to take to the streets again, blocking the way with human barricades or barricades built with branches, garbage containers and burning tires. The banging of pots and pans happens daily in towns and cities, while confusion and fear take over the authorities, whose only response is empty rhetoric and increasing repression.

At least 20 Cuban protesters were arrested in recent protests against blackouts and the government's mismanagement in resolving the country's severe energy crisis.15 of them during Saturday's protests on Línea Street, in Vedado and Arroyo Arenas (Havana) and in Baracoa (Guantánamo).

“We are very concerned about the extensive deployment of repressive forces of the MININT and the FAR throughout the country in recent days and last night in particular. “We have registered 20 arrests from 09/30 to today,” the working group reported this Sunday on Twitter.Justice 11J, which documents the response of the totalitarian regime to events ofprotests in Cuba.

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