Power outages in Cuba are a recurring problem that has been affecting the Cuban population for decades. They are mainly due to the lack of investment and maintenance in the country's electrical infrastructure, as well as the dependence on imported fuels to generate energy.

Map of power outages reported today.

In recent years, blackouts have intensified and prolonged due to the economic crisis and fuel shortages in the country. In 2019, the Cuban government implemented an electricity rationing plan to try to solve the problem, which involved scheduled power cuts for several hours a day in different areas of the country.

However, in 2021, power outages have become more frequent and unpredictable, affecting even the capital, Havana. The situation has worsened even further with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the lack of electricity hinders access to basic services such as medical care and online education.

The Cuban population has expressed its discontent with the situation, and protests have been recorded in some areas of the country. The government has promised to invest in the electrical infrastructure and seek long-term solutions, but the situation remains uncertain and difficult for the Cuban population.