Guantanamera mother in inhumane conditions denounces that she was evicted and imprisoned by the government

Denia Herrera Utria, mother of a little girl, was deceived by government officials in that province, who first promised to resolve her case and give her the premises she lived in, and then evicted her and imprisoned her.

Denia Herrera Utria © Captura de video YouTube / Diario de Cuba
Denia Herrera Utria Photo © YouTube video capture / Diario de Cuba

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Guantanamo mother Denia Herrera Utria was evicted from the premises where she lived and served a 3-year sentence, after government officials promised to give it to her as housing.

The woman denounces, in an interview broadcast by the independent media Cuban Diary, who was deceived by government officials in that province, who first promised to resolve her case, and then evicted her and imprisoned her.

“I went to the location that the health director named René Reyes gave me, with a piece of paper so that they could give me a food card and the location, so that I could give it to a colleague who works in the government, “Her name is Zoila,” he says.

“So I went with the paper and she took the paper from me, crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can. So when she was talking to me, I bent down, took the paper that the director gave me,” he adds.

Herrera Utria, mother of a little girl, says that the Guantánamo government promised in principle to resolve her social case.

“When I had been living there for two years, they stayed, the government people, who were going to give me a house, who were going to give me a bed, who were going to give me this, who were going to help me in case social. They didn't help me at all," he explains.

Finally, the woman was the victim of a violent eviction, ended up in jail, and if it had not been a sister she would have lost custody of her daughter.

“After three years of living there, they made three drives there, and more than 15 police cars, more than 15 motor vehicles, came. I was with my daughter who was two years old. They threw all my dishes outside, they broke a television that Social Welfare gave me,” he remembers.

“They grabbed the girl and ripped her out of my hand. They said they were going to take the girl to that place for helpless children. A sister of mine named Martica said no, that she was going to stay with the girl. “They put me in prison unjustly,” he adds.

Currently, Denia Herrera Utria lives in inhumane and overcrowded conditions in her mother's house. His daughter was left with scars after the eviction.

“My daughter is sick, she gets epilepsy, her hair falls out, because that has brought her trauma. The problem is that I am nervous. Now my arm is full of pimples. The person who works here at the polyclinic came and told me she was going to give me some beds. “Everything is deceit and lies,” he concludes.

A few weeks ago, Yarislaidy Darías Álvarez, a Cuban mother of three children, asked for help through social networks due to the precarious situation of his home after going to the authorities in vain.

This Cuban mother, who lives on the Salvador farm, in the Remedios municipality, Villa Clara province, says that she lives “very tight, I don't have the capacity for anything and I have a part that is even falling off.”

Darías Álvarez, who shared images of his children and where the terrible state of his home can be seen, assured that he has addressed the authorities on several occasions, who have not cared about resolving his situation.

In August, another Cuban mother of three young children reported that Due to the precarious situation in which he lives, he is about to burst into tears..

Elisnais Azahares Aguilera shared photos of a hut made of palm boards and a guano roof where she lives with her family.

According to her story, two years ago, when she became pregnant with her twins, the authorities promised to give her a subsidy to build a house.

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