Liquid toothpaste: The surprise that a Cuban got when she bought the toiletries of the month

This Cuban woman complained about the audacity of the government that offers poor quality products to an increasingly precarious population.

A Cuban woman exploded online after verifying that the toothpaste in the basic basket was liquid.

“I have never done this, but even the abuse! Today the toiletries arrived at the Boniato store... The 'double' bath soap and a toothpaste arrived, but when I get home I remove the seal (I have a habit and I try it and everything haha), I press toothpaste (it's supposed to be thick), I covered my face with this white liquid, I was speechless and at the same time I had a fit of laughter when I saw this,"Santiago's Yadira Oliva commented angrily on Facebook, who released a video showing the consistency of the pasta.

“People what I wanted to say UNTIL WHEN!!! I don't even want to go to the warehouse again because this is going to end badly, and whoever sends it, who I don't think is to blame, is going to listen to everything I've been stuck on for a long time!!! If the State is going to give something to the people who live in Cuba, please let it have quality, if not why do they give it, if it is of no use,” this woman complained.

Oliva feels sorry for the many Cubans who cannot access products other than those offered by the State.

“There are people who do not have the same possibilities of buying a tube of toothpaste on the street at the price that people want to ask for... This is not my case, I am not going to the store again because now, and I I know myself, but it hurts me that those people who do need it can't even use it," he said.

Likewise, he asked for help to find out which official he could complain to about this unfortunate situation.

“Where do I have to go because I want to go to someone who will listen to me and do something, not someone who will listen to me and wipe his **** with what I say... People, I still I agree and it makes me angry because until when, until when are these things going to be happening and no one is going to do anything!!!!!!!!”, he concluded.

Last year, a group of Cuban scientists announced that they were working on a formula fortoothpaste containing white clay as the main ingredient, which would allow us to have our own product for the oral hygiene of Cubans.

Following the announcement of the use of clay for toothpaste, Suchel began production ofTeeth-Fresh with Cuban calcium carbonate as a substitute ingredient for Sident No. 9, an abrasive in the toothpaste formula that was imported.

They explained that they have four production lines in their factory with Italian technology, which “fill 60 tubes per minute” and that “they manage to produce about 17 tons of toothpaste daily.”

However, thepasta dental It does not reach Cuban homes with the frequency, quality and quantity that many people require.

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