Video shows moments after a motorcyclist crashed into an almendrón in Havana

When the ambulance arrived to treat the injured man, some of those present even applauded.

Images came to light showing the moments immediately after the moment in which a motorcyclist collided with an almendrón in the Mantilla neighborhood, in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality.

The published video shows an overflowing number of people on the street waiting for the arrival of an ambulance. When the SIUM vehicle arrived, some even applauded.

In the images, the crowd of people next to the ambulance is such that a man can even be heard shouting to get out of the way and let the health professionals do their job.

The cause of the accident -happened last saturday- would have been the motorcycle driver's attempt to avoid a stray dog that crossed into the middle of the street, according to a previous report from sources on social networks.

The road incident would have occurred in the vicinity of the Mantilla polyclinic and the driver was reported to be in serious condition. At the time of writing this note, the clinical evolution of the injured person is not clear.

Photographs provided by a witness at the scene of the accident showed the motorcycle lying in the middle of the road and, next to it, an almendrón with the left front fender heavily dented.

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Motorcycles and "almendrones" tend to be among the vehicles that suffer the most accidents on the streets of Cuba.

Traffic accidents do not let up on Cuban roads.

This week amassive accident that occurred on Tuesday in the Abreus municipality, in the province of Cienfuegos, left 10 injured, two of them in critical condition. The accident - which occurred near the settlement of Yaguaramas - took place after a state truck collided with an animal-drawn vehicle, according to the local Cienfuegos press.

In another serious accident in recent days, a15-year-old boy seriously injured after crashing the motorbike he was driving against a car in the city of Holguín. According to preliminary reports on social networks, the accident occurred when the driver of the motorcycle did not respect the “Stop” sign and collided with a Geely brand car that was traveling on the preferred street.

Between January and OctoberCuba registered 6,965 traffic accidents between January and October 2023, which represents an increase of 12.8% in relation to the accidents that occurred in the same period of the previous year, according to official figures.

The almost 7 thousand accidents that occurred in the first ten months of this year left 562 dead and 5,643 injured.

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