The prominent Cuban historian Ángel Pérez Herrero dies

The prominent Cuban historian Ángel Pérez Herrero died this Friday in Havana

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The prominent Cuban historianAngel Perez Herrero died this Friday as reported in a message of condolences byDepartment of History of the University of Havana.

Pérez Herrero, graduate inRight, earned the love and respect of Cuban viewers for his decades-long participation inWrite and Read, where he demonstrated his vast culture.

When he came to television he had already accumulated an important career as a teacher inUniversity of Havana, where he taught the subjectSocial History of Literature to several generations of students.

In addition, he was founder of the juries of theCine Plaza Festival and participated in other cultural events in the municipality, such as the tributes to the "Our Time" Cultural Society and the poetic vigils in greeting to theInternational poetry day.

Last week, the intellectualJulio César González Pagés He asked for help for the teacher, and explained that he needed items such as soap and anti-decubitus cream to be brought to the hospital. At the time of his death he was admitted to the stroke ward of theComandante Manuel Fajardo Clinical Surgical Hospital, caring for his son.

At the end of October, the prominent historian and professor also died at the age of 87.María Dolores Ortiz Díaz, who for more than 50 consecutive years was a panelist on the programWrite and Read


Born on May 8, 1942 inHavana Cuba, Pérez Herrero left an indelible legacy as a teacher, historian, writer and director of Cuban education, marked by years of exemplary work and fervent dissemination of the historical, cultural and artistic values of the nation.

Pérez Herrero, who completed his higher education at theEnrique José Varona Pedagogical Institute, began his career as a rural teacher inAntilla, former province of Oriente. His passion for teaching and his commitment to education led him to work as an Instructor in the Department of Spanish and Literature at the same institute. His professional career was marked by a deep love for literature and history, aspects that enriched his teaching and intellectual contributions.

As director of Literature at the University Extension Commission, he carried out significant tasks, including editing theMarch 13 Awards. He also held theIntroductory Course Address at the former Faculty of Humanities of the University of Havana, teaching subjects as diverse asSocial history of literature and art andOratory. His ability to connect with his students was evident in every class and lecture, and his ability to instill in them a passion for learning has left an indelible mark.

Professor Pérez Herrero expanded his influence beyond the borders of Cuba, teaching courses in countries such asSao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. His presentations at international events, such asMeetings between Cuban and North American Philosophers, and his participation in television programs such asWrite and Read, demonstrated their commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and culture.

Among his many publications, he highlights "Ramon Lopez Velarde and Octavio Smith: Poetic Trajectories", in addition to numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, contributing significantly to the field of literature and history.

Ángel Augusto Pérez Herrero He received numerous awards throughout his career, includingJosé Tey Medal, theRafael María de Mendive Distinction, and theCervantes Recognition 2015, among others, all of them testimony to their dedication and excellence.

The legacy ofÁngel Augusto Pérez Herrero will endure through the generations of students he trained, the colleagues he inspired, and the many lives he touched with his wisdom, passion, and humanity. His departure leaves a void in the heart of the Cuban educational and cultural community, but his memory and teachings will continue to live on in all those who had the privilege of knowing him and learning from him.

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