Alejandro Cuervo does it again: He gets crazy dancing to "Toki Toki" by Charly & Johayron and Ja Rulay

And what do you think of Alejandro Cuervo's dances? Are you more of a “Washy Pupa” or “Toki Toki” fan?

After having heated up social networks a few weeks ago by dancing to "Washy Pupa", the collaboration of El Taiger, Dany Ome, Kevincito el 13 and Wampi, Alejandro Cuervo He surprised this Tuesday by giving his all to the rhythm of one of the most viral Cuban reggaeton songs.

While the chorus of"Toki Toki", by Charly & Johayron and Ja Rulay, the Cuban actor once again shows off his sensual waist movements.

Without cutting a hair, the beloved Cuban actor dares to take off his shirt to let himself be carried away by the rhythm and, in the process, leave more than one person with their pulse racing, starting the day in style.

"Alabaooooo", along with icons of fire and laughing faces was the only message that accompanied his post, which delighted those who opened their day by appearing on the networks.

"Tremendous morning"; "Water"; "The best thing I've seen on Instagram today"; "Beautiful as always, greetings and blessings to you and your beautiful family"; "Throw him out, rich hallway"; "Handsome how you are always, blessings to you"; "How delicious"; "Happy dawn, smile at life like this," reads among the many reactions that Bastian's father provoked with his sensual movements.

Days before this post, the popular Cuban artist had celebrated on social networks the opportunity to have been ableinterview Blanca Rosa Blanco for the program "Entre tú y yo", of which he is the host, replacing the usual presenter, Irela Bravo, busy with other professional commitments.

And what do you think of Alejandro Cuervo's dances? Are you more of a "Washy Pupa" or "Toki Toki" fan?

Don't miss, either, when he joined Eduardo Antonio's dance challenge last October with his latest song "Pa los envidiosos."

What do you think?


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