16 Cuban rafters rescued off the coast of Mexico

The rafters were detained while trying to reach the coast of Quintana Roo.

Balseros cubanos llegan a México © Secretaría de la Marina, México
Cuban rafters arrive in Mexico Photo © Secretary of the Navy, Mexico

The Mexican Navy rescued 16 Cuban rafters detected six nautical miles, approximately 11 kilometers, northeast of Isla Contoy, in Quintana Roo.

The Mexican authorities found inside the precarious boat 12 undocumented men and four women who, according to testimonies presented by the independent press,14 September, They are from Cuba.

The rescue operation was carried out after receiving a report from the Isla Mujeres Harbor Master's Office in the Command and Control Room of the Ninth Naval Region.

An interceptor patrol that was carrying out maritime surveillance tours located the artisanal vessel with water leaks. The migrants were transferred to the Puerto Juárez Naval Station.

Last week a tourist cruise rescued12 Cuban rafters that were adrift in the Caribbean Sea. The illegal immigrants were handed over to Mexican authorities.

The boat they were traveling in was very precarious and they were 200 miles off the coast of Quintana Roo, near the area known as Mahahual.

These rafters left Ciego de Ávila and had been at sea for weeks. Initially there were 13 people but only 12 were rescued by the Norwegian Prima cruise ship.Raul Martinez Torres, a 24-year-old Cuban who was traveling with the group, died before the rescue.

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