Chino seeks to learn English in Miami and ends up speaking Cuban

Do you know of any similar case? For sure yes!

A TikToker who calls himself Kelvy on the platform has shared a funny video in which he parodies a Chinese man who goes to live in Miami with the intention of learning English and ends up speaking Spanish.

"My mom wants me to go to the United States to speak a lot of English and make a lot of friends. And the place I'm going to live is Miami, in Hialeah," the TikToker first commented jokingly while walking with a suitcase in hand.

Seconds later we can see the young man evolving as the months go by, completely transformed, acquiring a typical Cuban style of the area and speaking in popular slang. Do you know of any similar case?

As Kelvy has commented in other videos that appear on his TikTok profile, he currently lives in Miami, but his parents are Chinese and he was born in Latin America. Hence he is so familiar with both the Spanish language as well as Chinese and English.

Here is another of the experiences that you have shared in your profile about Spanish and English in Miami.

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