They beat the son of a Cuban who asked for money for the girl Amanda in Havana

The Cuban activist claims that he was beaten by around twenty people.

The Cuban activist known on Facebook as "Generosity Christian Jerusalem" denounced that his son was the victim of a beating carried out by twenty people.

"My son has just been beaten in a park by more than 20 young people against him alone", he first denounced in a post written on Facebook.

Facebook Capture/Jerusalem Christian Generosity

"I'm making this statement because twenty people have just beaten my son. I don't know who they are, my son is 15 years old. My son is a minor. If they want to intimidate me by hitting my son, I'm not going to keep quiet, I'm going to continue." fighting for a free Cuba", the activist began by saying in a short video in which he seemed very nervous about the violence against the minor.

"If it's you, repressor, I'm going to get on top of you, I'm not interested, but don't get involved with my son.", he added, visibly upset.

Other activists such as Lara Crofs or Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia in recent hours have echoed the complaint.

"Do you remember the boy who collected money for#SOSAMANDA "Generosity Christian Jerusalem?, his son was brutally beaten by more than 20 people", denounced Lara Crofs.

Facebook Capture/Lara Crofs

"Please keep an eye on our brother, he is in the police unit. Generosity Christian Jerusalem, let's keep an eye on him. He went to report his son being beaten. We don't know what could happen", wrote Salcedo Verdecia.

Capture from Facebook/Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia.

Until the closing of this note, no other details about what happened have emerged.

At the beginning of February it was news thatthe activist had obtained 36,460 CUPin four days that he dedicated to visiting various places in Havana to raise funds for the case of the girl Amanda Lemus Ortiz, who suffers from bile duct atresia and has been waiting for a year for a liver transplant.

A month earlier, in January, the activistHe refused to enroll his son, the same one who has now been beaten, in Military Service.

“At this time, this colleague shows up at my house with a very good attitude to register my son for mandatory military service. My words were those that are written here and signed by me. “I refuse to enroll him in this service since I am an opponent of the communist party,” he wrote on Facebook at the time.

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