FINCIMEX assures that the money from pending remittances in Cuba "is not lost"

FINCIMEX's technical problems continue and remittances still do not reach many Cubans.

Oficinas de FINCIMEX en La Habana © CiberCuba
FINCIMEX offices in Havana Photo © CiberCuba

TheFinanciera Cimex, S.A. (FINCIMEX) assured its users that the money from theremittances that they have not delivered for more than a month in Cuba, "it is not lost."

The situation of theremittances to Cuba has become critical since the beginning of 2024. The company has delays in delivering money sent from outside the country to Cuban families, due to "technical problems."


The population has left numerouscomplaints on social networks and they fear losing the money because time passes and the remittance does not arrive. FINCIMEX has responded to some comments from its clients, in particular one where they accuse them of being scammers.

"Your family member has the possibility of canceling the remittance at any time.Money is not lost. Weird scam... Right? (...) Available transfers continue to be paid," they said from the financial company's Facebook profile.


Cubans are outraged after passingmore than a month waiting for remittances and they point out the poor work of the Cuban entity. However, FINCIMEX insists that they cannot do anything.

"The cause of the interruption is force majeure. It does not seem correct to us to judge a service that is stable over time and 100% safe due to a specific unwanted incident," they commented from the state entity.


"Thanks to the contingency plans, more than 10,000 transactions have already been paid. There remains a group that has had to be reconciled. In our chat we have dissatisfied clients but also many giving us support, loyal to the specialized work of more than 30 years without a breakdown of this magnitude, not a single cent lost," they said from the institution.

The company acknowledged that their phones "can't cope" but assure that they have "a large group of colleagues working to restore the remittance service, to the usual standards."


FINCIMEX said the technical difficulties meant "rebuilding the entire community with the banks and agencies." They are paying for ready operations so as not to delay service. However, they recognize that "there is a group of transfers that are being reconciled and refined to be able to pay them. The most affected are to AIS cards."

The Cuban government has not detailed the origin of FINCIMEX's technical problem or what it consists of. So far they have offered the minimum information and this silence on such a delicate issue exasperates Cubans who see the possibility of receiving their remittances in danger.

The financial company insists on recommending to clients that"ask for the money back" to companies abroad, if they do not feel able to wait for the Cuban government, when it can, to deliver it to families on the island.

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