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Medical student in Cuba and packer in the United States: "I should have come sooner"

The young woman left Cuba when she had two months left to graduate. "I leave the title to the institution, I bring the knowledge in my head," he said.

Mary Charity Photo © María Caridad / Facebook

A young woman who studied Medicine in Cuba and last year, two months after graduating, went to the United States, feels happy working as a wine packer in Hamilton, Ohio.

Mary Charity, a native of Camagüey, recounted inFacebook that this is his first job since he arrived, and that although he doesn't like it, he doesn't dislike it either, it was simply "the first thing that appeared to start moving forward.

"I don't know how many people told me I was crazy and you know what, they're right. Because I really shouldn't have come two months before graduating, I should have come before, I don't know, maybe at the beginning of my degree or when I was 15 years. Or what do I know, being born here," he said.

María Caridad stated that she does not understand her compatriots who arrive in the United States and begin to complain about working.

"A job that supposedly gives them a living, but they have an 'Aifon', a car when in Cuba they didn't have a bicycle, a refrigerator full of food, and beers and 'barbikiú' for the weekend. Which is normal in this country, those are the normal basic conditions of any person in this country. Wow, it's like having a blackout in Cuba.

Facebook screenshot / María Caridad

The young woman assured that you can live happily anywhere and achieve as much as you want in life.

"My advice, if you are Cuban and you are still in Cuba: know that you come here to work but you come to make money and have the life that everyone wants. And if you are Cuban and you are already here, know that if it seems like a lot of work, and little money, you can still return to Cuba to have a lot of free time, a lot of hunger and poor health, among other things," he ironized.

This migrant arrived last October after crossing borders since leaving through Nicaragua.

"With a degree in Medicine two months away from graduating, the arrival of my mother whom I had not seen for five years, and with the separation from my beautiful old people and my friends; I swept through all of that. I crossed four countries, by air , land and water, until we reach 'Yuma,'" he said then.

"I'm 24 years old, I'm going to know the same thing about Medicine now as I do two months from now. I leave the title to the institution, I bring the knowledge in my head," he stressed.

Facebook Capture / María Caridad

María pointed out that everything good and lasting takes sacrifices and efforts.

"I don't know if I am the one who has done the most or the least. But I know that what I am doing is giving me and will give me the best of joy," she added inFacebook.

"Now let the United States hold on, I'm here," he concluded.

There are manyMedical students in Cuba who do not plan to practice their profession once they graduate. This was confirmed by several of them who were interviewed by YouTuber Rosy Wanderlust last year.

The young people confessed that they are seeing very complex situations in their training stage, such as the case of having a duralgin vial and choosing among five patients which one to inject, because there are no medications for everyone.

"If I start selling churros on the corner of the hospital, I will earn more than the best qualified specialist," explained one.

They also explained that the problem is not only the low salaries of health professionals, but also the terrible working conditions they have.

The deficiencies are so extreme that laboratory workers, doctors and nurses are continually exposed to the danger of contagion of diseases, due to not having essential supplies for their safety, such as gloves.

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