Cubans denounce obstruction of sewer water in drinking water registry: "We are drinking shitty water"

The neighbors are tired of calling the Aguas Santiago company and only tell them that they know the situation but they do not have fuel to run the service.

Cuban residents in Santiago de Cuba reported an obstruction of sewage that has reached the manhole and the drinking water tap in the area, with the consequent danger that this represents.

The incident occurred on the central Carretera del Morro, in different sections of both sidewalks, in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood.

"We are drinking shitty water," an outraged neighbor told the independent journalist.Yosmany Mayeta Labrada, who shared inFacebook several photos taken in front of the provincial headquarters of the Red Cross.

Captura de Facebook / Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

According to the woman's testimony, a few weeks ago the Aguas Santiago company changed the pipe to a larger diameter to solve some obstructions that were in several houses and areas surrounding the avenue, but the fix only lasted a few days.

"The flood begins again in the recently fixed places and new leaks like the one in the photos are added," he said.

The woman explained that many pedestrians pass through these sidewalks, especially children and adolescents who go to school. Everyone runs the risk of being hit by a car, since they have to take the street because they cannot pass over the sewage that comes from the sidewalk.

The neighbors are tired of calling Aguas Santiago from District 3, and they only tell them that they know the situation but they do not have fuel to run the service, that they have to wait.

"Wait what. An epidemiological outbreak, diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases due to the contamination of wastewater with drinking water. An unfortunate traffic accident involving pedestrians forced to access public roads. Injured by falls due to the flax created by the leak "Mayeta Labrada questioned in her publication.

At the end of February, the comedian Jardiel González, with his own irony and ingenuity, criticized the dire state of a street in the municipality of Marianao, in Havana, full of holes and breaks and flooded with sewage and mud.

"This is the Ciénaga de Zapata linked to the landfill (…). Here this is pure mud, out there right now a crocodile is coming out," he said ironically, at the sight of the craters full of muddy and contaminated water. And he noted: "Next door there is a winery and a butcher shop."

In February, a Cuban woman reported on social networks the collapse of a grave in the Capdevila neighborhood of the Boyeros municipality, in the capital, whereeven worms walk on walls.

In the vicinity of the place there is a freely convertible currency (MLC) store and even for that the authorities do nothing.

"More than 15 days ago the pit collapsed. We neighbors are desperate due to the degree of infection and spread of diseases, resulting from neglect and lack of interest in listening to the demands of the population," Yaima Sardiñas wrote on Facebook.

"Worms walk on the walls, children are sometimes barefoot going through that rot, the bread that is bought every day goes over that disastrous chaos, and no one cares," he added.

Yaima assured that those affected have informed the Party and other authorities of the crisis, but neither the municipal mayor nor the Communal Company have done anything.

"Is it the social objective of those who run this country badly that we all die little by little? Is it certain that the drinking water is not damaged? Who cares or should care? The doctor at the doctor's office has requested the discharge and we know the reasons, but there are members of the polyclinic management who live in the area. What have they done about it? Nothing. What are they waiting for?

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