Michelito Dando Chucho launches into imitation: "One day being El Taiger"

The influencer recreated the reggaeton singer's way of speaking, tone of voice and gestures with an incredible similarity.

To the Cuban influencer Michel Díaz, known on the networks as Michelito Giving Chucho, one of the world of showbiz does not escape him; His specialty is giving chucho and leather as they say in good Cuban, but this time he surprised his followers with a perfect imitation of The Taiger.

The content creator uploaded a video to his Instagram that he titled “A day being El Taiger”, in which he stages his reaction when he saw the recent statements by Alexander Delgado against him.

El Taiger's live streams on Instagram are already well known, something that Michelito took advantage of to perfectly imitate the phrases he normally uses.

“What a hair ball, share there, I have to talk a few things there,” says the influencer, recreating with an incredible resemblance. the way of speaking, the tone of voice and the gestures of the reggaeton player.

In addition to the clothes, a T-shirt that shows his bulging belly, a hat on his head and sunglasses, which he put the cover on the doorknob were the laughter that Michelito let out is identical to that of El Taiger.

The imitation hit the mark because several of his followers reacted with laughter to the witty video.

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