More than 250 Cubans who are still stranded in Haiti send a message to the government

"Other embassies have done something," they reproached the Cuban government.

A group of Cubans representingthe more than 250 who have been stranded since the end of February in Haiti They reiterated the request to the government for help to leave that country, plagued by the violence of armed gangs, while they reproached that"Other embassies have already done something" and have managed to safely evacuate their compatriots.

"We are a group of approximately 258 Cubans, who have been stranded in this terrible situation for 41 days today. We have been trapped in the middle of the armed struggle that exists here between the Police forces and the armed gangs," he explained in A video spread on networks this Thursday of one of the Cuban women who remains stranded.

"The only thing we are asking is that the people of Cuba show solidarity with us and give us help to see how we can leave this country, because other embassies have done something for their countrymen and have gotten them out of here, and we are the ones "The only ones left here," said a second woman when she spoke.

A third said that they are almost without food and stressed thatDespite the help they have received from Haitians, they no longer have money.

"We have to pay for food, water, electricity, everything, and we already have debts," he emphasized, and reiterated the request for help from the Cuban government to return to the island.

"There are only Cubans left, and we are asking either the Cuban Government or the international community to get us out of here, because every day the situation becomes much more difficult. There is danger to life.We came for four or five days and we have been there for 41 days. There have been isolated events, but our lives are in danger," concluded another of the stranded.

The Cuban Embassy in Haiti made reference for the last time to the group on March 26, when he assured that he maintained permanent contact with the Cubans stranded in Haiti and that up to that moment around twenty virtual meetings had been held in which those affected had "received information about the efforts being made." carried out for their safe return to the homeland.”

Days before, on March 21,The government said it has an evacuation program for stranded travelers, but conditioned it on the resumption of operations at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince and the flights of the airline Sunrise Airways, something that has not happened.

However, the wait is prolonged and the Cubans who are stranded cry out for a solution that they do not see coming.

Countries such as Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States have already evacuated their compatriots.

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