Government assures that it manages the return of Cubans stranded in Haiti

The information emerges a few hours after independent media echoed the request for help from those affected.

Bruno Rodriguez Grill, Minister of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) of Cuba, assured in a brief publication on social networks that the current situation of the resident and transit Cubans who are stranded in Haiti.

"Consular officials maintain close contact with the Association of Cubans in that country andThey carry out efforts to guarantee the safe return of our compatriots"Rodríguez Parrilla indicated on Twitter, who did not offer other details about the efforts that were being carried out to guarantee the return to the island of the Cubans who remain stranded in the neighboring country.

The information comes a few hours after numerous independent media echoed the request for help from those affected, who were even interviewed by Dominican television, which expressed solidarity with the situation and called on the affected Cubans to put more pressure on their entity. diplomat.

A group of 257 Cubans remain stranded in Haiti after the suspension of flightsSunrise Airways between Cuba and Port-au-Prince due to the chaos that country is experiencing due to the growing violence of criminal gangs that are trying to take control.

According to the previous report of those affected - who are sheltered in rented houses with fear of going out due to the turbulent political situation in that country - until that moment neither the Cuban embassy in Haiti nor the airline had responded to the Request for help.

In statements to atelevision show from the Dominican Republic, the young Reidiel Suárez explained that the majority of Cubans who are strandedThey traveled to Haiti between February 24 and 26 and had a date to return to Cuba on March 29, 1 and 4.

Reidiel said that the situation in Port-au-Prince was calm until February 29, when the first major riots broke out. Since then they have tried not to go out but they have a limited amount of food that will soon run out.

According to the testimony of those affected, some relatives went to the Haitian embassy on the island, but the diplomatic authorities of the Latin American country declined any type of responsibility in the case and referred them to the airline to find out when the flights would resume.

Last Thursday a plane bound for Cuba that was about to take off from Toussaint Louverture Airport He was shot by an armed gang. Although the fuselage of the plane was directly hit by projectiles, fortunately no crew members or passengers were injured.

The affected airline was Sunrise Airways, which operates weekly flights from Port-au-Prince to Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín and Camagüey using an Airbus A321 with capacity for 220 passengers.

In recent days, the Haitian government declared a state of emergency in and around Port-au-Prince after armed gangs carried out an attack on the country's main prison on Saturday, prompting a mass escape of most of the 3,800 men detained in the National Penitentiary of Port-au-Prince.

The absence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is out of the country, increases uncertainty and the feeling of insecurity among the population.

Until the closing of this note, no other details have emerged regarding the alleged efforts that MINREX would be taking to guarantee the safe return of the Cubans stranded in Haiti.

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