The euro reaches a new record in Cuba this Thursday

The price of foreign currency in the Cuban informal market continues to rise.

The value of the euro rose drastically this Thursday in Cuba with an increase of five pesos in the informal market, which marks a new record.

The independent media elToque In its rate prepared from the analysis of purchase and sale offers on social networks, it shows how the value of the euro continues to rise in Cuba, while the national currency is further devalued. Now it is sold at 375 CUP.

The US currency remained at 365 pesos, a value that also reached this week and activated an alert of instability in the informal exchange market.

The Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) remains at 290 Cuban pesos.

Exchange rate today 04/25/2024 - 6:31am in Cuba:

Exchange rate from USD to CUP according to elTOQUE: 365 CUP

Euro exchange rate EUR to CUP according to elTOQUE: 375 CUP

Exchange rate from MLC to CUP according to elTOQUE: 290 CUP

Alternative exchange rate from other platforms:

Dollar (USD) exchange rate: Buy 365 CUP, Sell 367 CUP

Euro (EUR) exchange rate: Buy 374 CUP, Sell 372 CUP

MLC exchange rate: Buy 289 CUP, Sell 290 CUP

Inflation in Cuba and devaluation of the national currency

The devaluation of the Cuban peso It is growing. This situation is related to economic inflation in the country and the fact that the use of the CUP is not required to carry out many transactions in daily life.

In Cuba, services and products as important as fuel and food are sold in foreign currency, leaving millions of workers without access to supplies and basic necessities.

The continuous movements in the currency exchange rate are a reflection of the economic uncertainty that the country is experiencing, where Cubans are poorer every day, due to the erroneous policies of the regime that has not managed to overcome the crisis of the last three years.

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