Informal exchange rate in Cuba


Exchange rate today 06/14/2024 - 12:07pm in Cuba:

Exchange rate from USD to CUP according to elTOQUE: 350 CUP

Exchange rate of the euro EUR to CUP according to elTOQUE: 370 CUP

Exchange rate from MLC to CUP according to elTOQUE: 300 CUP

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At CiberCuba, we are dedicated to providing constant updates on the informal currency market in Cuba, with a special focus on the behavior of the dollar and the euro in the black and informal market. Stay up to date with the daily fluctuations of prices of the dollar and the mlc in Cuba through our detailed coverages.

The value of the dollar in Cuba today on the black market and the price of the MLC in the informal market are of great interest to our readers, both inside and outside the island. We extensively cover the latest news and provide detailed analysis of the price of the euro in the informal market and the current exchange rate.

The information presented here about the price of the dollar in the informal market and the value of the euro in Cuba today is intended for informational purposes only and is not backed by any financial entity. We recommend caution and additional verification before making decisions based on these rates. Our commitment is to keep our readers informed with the highest accuracy and responsibility.

Sources of exchange rate: elTOQUE and Exchange Rate API in Cuba.

News about the exchange rate in Cuba:

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