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Cienfuegos: Alleged referee error sparks fight in National Baseball Series game

History repeats itself with another error in refereeing in this National Baseball Series, now in a game between Cienfuegos and Camagüey.

The tensions accumulated in theCuban National Baseball Series, came to light again, after an apparenterror arbitral that unleashed violence, in a match between the Cienfuegos and Camagüey teams, on April 28.

The game, held inSeptember 5 Stadium from the province of Cienfuegos, was extended to extra innings after concluding the nine regular innings with a five-run tie.

In the tenth inning, the tension reached its climax. The playerMichael Thompson, from Camagüey, achieved a hit to center field, causing a decisive play at home plate.

Swing Completo indicated that the Camagüey runner seemed destined to be declared out, but thereferee Yovani Simón Martínez, in a decision that surprised many, sang the "quieto."

This ruling not only determined the end of the match with a victory for Camagüey that takes the victory of the Sub-series; He also began physical and verbal confrontations on the field, in front of the fans.

Themanagers and players of Cienfuegos, confronted the referee claiming that his decision had been incorrect.

This disagreement escalated quickly, with pushing and altercations between players from both teams, creating an atmosphere of great tension and violence that resonated among those attending the stadium, who shouted angrily from the stands.

Cesar Valdes, head of refereeing in Cuban baseball, recently admitted that the level of the judges has been the subject of continuous criticism. He recognized the need to improve the quality and precision in decisions, in a sport that awakens deep passions on the island.

The Cienfuegos team is in the last position of the table, and that seems to be a breeding ground for dissatisfaction and discontent, which was exacerbated by the decision of the match against Camagüey.

The sports journalist from DPorto Sports LLC, on his Facebook page, described the event as "very unfortunate" and noted that the situation "got out of control."

He compared the Estadio 5 de Septiembre to a "boxing ring" during the controversy. In addition, he showed images that could shed more light on the controversial play, leaving the question open:Was it out or safe?

Problems with baseball refereeing in Cuba

That same question was up for debate a few days ago at another baseball game in Cuba. A referee made a mistake and called the play wrong.It was quiet, but he saw an out (the last of the ninth inning).

The abrupt end of the match aroused the anger of the fans towards the referee at the Capitán San Luis Stadium, whereThey faced Pinar del Río and Matanzas. There was also offense and violence in that case.

After the problem reported at the Capitán San Luis Stadium, the journalistMichael Contreras reported that the referee had used a false name to officiate another match in Pinar, despite having received threats.

According to Contreras, his claim was based on photographic evidence and statements from several witnesses and Cuban media professionals.

TheCuban Baseball and Softball Federation He denied the accusations and assured that no referee had acted under a false name. They affirmed that these practices have no place in the National Baseball Series and that they remain firm in their commitment to sports ethics.

However,Michael Contreras defended his report, highlighting his reputation and the reliability of his sources, which included members of the Pinar del Río team and stadium attendees.

The sports journalist maintained his position firmly, underlining the importance of transparency and safety of both athletes and referees in sports in Cuba.

These incidents have revived the debate about thequality of refereeing in Cuban baseball, and leave a trail of questions about how to manage emotions in a sport that, beyond the game, reflects the tensions and challenges of Cuban society.

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