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Medical student in Cuba, today works in a restaurant in the US while pursuing a degree in Nursing

The 27-year-old young man, originally from Santo Domingo, in Villa Clara, was in his fourth year of Medicine at the University of Medical Sciences of that province.

A young Cuban who when he lived in Cuba studied Medicine, afterEmigrate to the United States works in a restaurant while pursuing a degree in Nursing.

Liosvany Abrahante, 27 years old, arrived in the country almost two years ago, after ahard trip crossing borders with several friends.

The journalist ofUnivisionJavier Díaz met him recently in Marathón, a city in Monroe County, when he entered his workplace, where he drank guarapo and ate Cuban pizza.

"In Cuba I was a fourth year medical student When he emigrated, he lived in Manacas, Villa Clara. He is currently studying Nursing and also works in this restaurant. Best of luck to him and may you achieve all your dreams in this country. Thank you for your attention and when I return to Marathon prepare me another Cuban pizza like this," Díaz asked inFacebook.

Facebook screenshot / Javier Díaz

Liosvany esnative of the municipality of Santo Domingo, in Villa Clara, and was studying at the University of Medical Sciences of that province.

At the end of June 2022 arrived at a Florida airport.

"Thanks to all those people who supported me, I love you," he wrote then on his Instagram profile.Facebook.

Facebook Capture / Liosvany Abrahante

The young man shared a video in which he shows some of the most difficult moments of his journey, from when he legally left Cuba and until he reached his destination.

More than half a million Cubans arrived in the United States in two years, as revealed by AFP using official data as a source.

Until January 31, at least 533,000 Cubans arrived in that country, a figure equivalent to 4.8% of the 11.1 million inhabitants on the Island, which does not include entries with other types of visas for which there are no official figures. available.

According to the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in 2023 more than 153,000 Cuban citizens entered US territory irregularly.

In January, a group of medical students declared to theyoutuber Rosy WanderlustTheir objective is not to practice as doctors in the country.

"If I start selling churros on the corner of the hospital, I will earn more than the best qualified specialist," explained one.

The young people explained that the problem is not only in the low salaries of health professionals in Cuba, but in the terrible working conditions.

They confessed that they are seeing very complex situations in their training, such as having a duralgin vial and choosing among five patients which one to inject, because there are no medications for everyone.

The deficiencies are so extreme that laboratory workers, doctors and nurses are continually exposed to the danger of contagion of diseases, due to not having essential supplies for their safety, such as gloves.

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