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Cuban helps mother and her daughter who were collecting garbage in Havana: "It broke my heart"

This aid action generated a small solidarity campaign in favor of the mother and her daughter.

Madre cubana y su hija © Facebook/Yaimara Quesada Guillen
Cuban mother and her daughter Photo © Facebook/Yaimara Quesada Guillen

The help of a Cuban woman to a mother and her daughter after seeing them collecting garbage in a landfill in Havana has motivated the response of other people in support of these two women.

The Facebook userYaimara Quesada Guillén She commented through the group “Cuban Mothers for a Better World” that she had mixed feelings after seeing these two people digging through the trash.

“I'm going to look for bread like every morning, because I find another mom in the garbage can on the corner of my house with her little angel collecting cans or whatever she finds, her barefoot two-year-old girl,” she told other mothers.

She says that she asked him to wait for her and “I gave the girl some flip-flops and a pair of tennis shoes, she was very happy, she thanked me and I was more than happy,” the woman confessed.

Facebook capture/Yaimara Quesada Guillén

In the comments section, users expressed their satisfaction for actions like these at a time when the economic and social crisis is abundant on the island.

“Many blessings for you, it is very difficult to see these situations and not have your heart hurt,” said one Internet user.

Another person assured “what a nice gesture on your part, may it multiply in health and well-being for you and yours. How sad the reality we are living!

Some of the commenters were willing to help with some belongings for the girl.

“She lives here in Zamora, Marianao. And if she lives alone with her baby and has mental problems but that doesn't stop her from fighting, she is always with her daughter fighting to feed her. She is a mother worth admiring,” confessed another user.

Recently,The Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) warned about the increase in begging in the country, highlighting that it is increasingly common to see people going through garbage containers in search of food and other resources.

“Seeing people searching garbage dumps and landfills is part of the common panorama on the island, where88% of the population lives well below the poverty line", denounced the organization in thered social X.

So much so, thatThe government has been forced to acknowledge the tripling of cases of begging in the country.

The numbers from one year to the next show significant increases in extreme poverty on the island.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS),In Cuba, 3,690 homeless people have been registered between 2014 and 2023, collects a report from the official newspaperWorkers.

For example, in the daily tour carried out by the Cuban Police, on one day in September last year, only,36 people were detected who live by begging and have no family through several municipalities of Havana.

The same way,The authorities themselves prohibited a helpless woman from asking for help showing a sign stating that she has no food or home to live in and was forced to leave a park in Havana.

The woman, who comes from Holguín, was in the park located in Ayestarán and 20 de Mayo asking for money with a sign with the phrases “I don't have food” and “I live on the street,” when authorities demanded that she remove the sign and left the place.

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