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They ask for medicine to save the life of a young Cuban: "His situation is critical and every day counts"

The medications you need are called cyclosporine 100 mg and antilymphocytic globulin.

Leodanis Morales Alemán © Facebook/Javier Díaz
Leodanis Morales Alemán Photo © Facebook/Javier Díaz

A 21-year-old Cuban young man diagnosed with spinal cord aplasia is in need of medication to deal with his illness, according to the journalist.Javier Diaz from your Facebook profile.

"Urgent!Help is needed for Leodanis Morales Alemán, a 21-year-old young man diagnosed with spinal cord aplasia in Nuevitas, Camagüey”, was the call that the communicator made to the Cuban community or others interested in helping the young man.

The medications you need are called cyclosporine 100 mg and antilymphocyte globulin.

Facebook screenshot/Javier Díaz

According to Díaz, the disease diagnosed in this man from Camagüey is “a serious condition that affects the production of blood cells in the bone marrow.” Currently, he urgently needs these vital medications for his treatment.

Both drugs are in short supply in Cuban hospital institutions and “the search has been unsuccessful so far,” commented the journalist.

“Their situation is critical and every day counts,” he said.

Facebook screenshot/Javier Díaz

In this call, Díaz emphasized that all people who can helpContact Ana Mary Bilbao Mejías at (+53) 53 778 575 or (+53) 52 771 029. “Any information or contribution will be greatly appreciated,” he said.

Before thelack of medicines and medical supplies in the network of pharmacies and hospitals in Cuba, people have turned to social media to find help.

Solidarity, many times, is the only lifeline,in the midst of a panorama of scarcity that will spread, as announced by the regime.

Recently, a woman identified asBerbes of the mile turned to Facebook inseeking help finding the drug called dactinomycin, which is necessary for the smallNasly Vento.

Dactinomycin is a drug which in combination with other medications, surgery, and/or radiation therapy, is used to treat Wilms tumor (a type of kidney cancer that occurs in children) and rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer that forms in the muscles) in children.

Last March,the parents of a Cuban boy just five years old with M5 myeloid leukemia, they asked for a medicine to deal with their illness.

The medication they need is called etoposide VP-16 and they need it in injectable format, specifically five bulbs, as requested by the family.

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