Old school! Jorge Junior dusts off an old photo with great exponents of Cuban reggaeton

To remember is to live again: the image of the beginnings of reggaeton that Jorge Junior dusted off.

Reguetón cubano antiguo © Los 4 / Instagram
old cuban reggaeton Photo © Los 4 / Instagram

Jorge Hernandez Carvajal, better known as Jorge Junior, has recalled the beginnings of reggaeton in Cuba, sharing a vintage photograph in which some of the great exponents of the urban genre on the island appear.

In the image we can see Jorge Junior posing next to Eddy K and Damian Aguirre, with whom he was part of the group Los 4, as well as two other young people from the guild. They also appear Jacob Forever y Alexander Delgado, when they both formed the duo Local People.

"So much history in this photo. If I start I don't have time to finish", expressed the reggaeton player next to the post.

The photo has brought back many old memories for many of Jorge Junior's followers, who remember that time as one of the best in Cuban reggaeton.

"The best of the genre of Cuba in a photo", "What times, those were good" and "What a shame that that photograph cannot be repeated, but today, it would be a before and after of something that existed giving way to what we have today as reggaeton and other musical genres derived from it. The old school, my respect to those artists in the photo, who without the internet were like brothers", are some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

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