They ask for help to locate 19 missing persons on the western coast of Cuba after an alleged illegal departure.

The group is missing somewhere on the western coast of the country, between Artemisa and Mayabeque, on the northern or southern coastline.

Balseros en altamar (imagen de referencia) © Collage captura de Twitter/King Brown
Balseros at sea (reference image)Photo © Collage screenshot from Twitter/King Brown

A group of seven Cuban women and 12 men are missing somewhere on the western coast of the country, between the provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque, after a supposed illegal departure, warned the platform YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

The young woman from Matanzas, Melisa Odaisi Peraza, who had been reported missing for 20 days, is part of the group whose whereabouts are unknown, and it is not known if they are on the north or south coast of western Cuba, explained the organization on Facebook.

Screenshot of Facebook/YoSíTeCreo in Cuba

According to the note, Peraza contacted his family in Cárdenas and informed them about the group of Cubans.

However, neither she nor anyone in the group could send the geolocation because they barely have coverage or battery left, they have little water left, and they have lost contact since 3:12 pm, Cuban time, stated YoSíTeCreo.

"We urge the authorities to mobilize without delay to find them," the platform requested.

This Sunday, a person by the name of Anayansi Carmona wrote in the Facebook group "Searching for relatives of Cuban rafters disappeared at sea" that "recently some friends who couldn't achieve their dreams went out, they are missing at sea."

However, the publication does not provide details about this departure of immigrants nor confirm if it concerns the same group of Cubans.

Facebook screenshot/Anayansi Carmona

The activist and independent journalist Marta María Ramírez revealed on Saturday on her Facebook wall that Peraza, one of the members of the disappeared group, left her home in Cárdenas on May 14th heading to Havana to meet a man she met through social media.

Facebook screenshot/Marta María Ramírez

On May 27th, after days of unsuccessful attempts to contact her and after a friend saw her from a distance on Ayestarán Street in Havana, walking with two young men, the family filed a report with the Cardenas Police.

Until the moment of publishing this note, there was no official information from the Cuban authorities about the incident.

The uncertainty, sadness, fear, and, above all, the anguish that Cubans feel when they decide to flee on a raft are only surpassed by the desire for a better life, far from the country where they were born, where poverty, human rights violations, and lack of freedoms prevail.

A TikTok user recently posted a video in which, in just a few seconds, you can feel the distress of a group of people, including Cubans, in their attempt to reach the shores of the United States on a raft.

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