Daughter of Maykel Osorbo leaves Cuba with her mother: "Heading to land of freedom"

Jade and her mother have managed to leave Cuba for the United States, after three years since the imprisonment of Maykel Osorbo, for trying to defend the freedom of Cubans.

Jade de la Caridad, daughter of the Cuban activist, rapper, and political prisoner Maykel "Osorbo" Castillo, managed to leave Cuba with her mother and is on her way to lands of freedom.

The Cuban rapper El Funky shared the news on his Facebook account. The release of the girl and her mom is a relief for many who have closely followed the case of Osorbo, imprisoned on the island since May 2021.

Last year, Jade moved many Cubans by addressing the members of the Summit of the Americas in an emotional video, requesting help for the release of her father.

"I am addressing you, even though I don't know you. I want to talk to you about my dad, who is in prison just for singing a song," said the girl in her message. "He hasn't done anything, please, can you help me to set him free? I love him very much and miss him, please," she added, placing her hands on her heart.

Maykel Osorbo, known for his participation in the song "Patria y Vida," has been a symbol of resistance and struggle against the Cuban regime.

Currently he/she is facing a sentence of 10 years of deprivation of liberty, for alleged charges of assault and public disorder, following a trial that many consider a reprisal for his/her activism.

The news of Jade and her mother's escape from the clutches of the regime offers a ray of hope and reinforces the determination of those who continue to advocate for the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba.

International organizations and Osorbo's colleagues continue to demand his immediate and unconditional release, and this new development will revitalize their efforts.

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