A man has been arrested for alleged theft of a gas cylinder in Santiago de Cuba.

The thief hid in his home after being caught red-handed stealing a gas cylinder from a house in the city center. A source confirmed that this is the second time he has stolen a gas canister.

With the help of neighbors, the police detained a man who allegedly tried to steal a gas cylinder from a residence in the heart of the city of Santiago de Cuba this Sunday.

A report by the journalist Yosmany Mayeta reported the incident and included a video of the moment when the alleged thief is captured inside his own home, where he hid after being caught red-handed stealing a gas canister on Carnicería Street between San Carlos and Santa Rosa.

The person who sent the images to Mayeta claimed that it was the second time that the individual had stolen a gas cylinder. "When he noticed he was being followed, he dropped the cylinder and ran towards his house with a knife, but they already caught him there and took him away," said the source.

Neighbors from the area and passersby gathered at the scene and "shouting 'thief,' 'shameless,' among other insults, they asked the police to remove the culprit," stated Mayeta, who said she did not know the identity of the detainee.

Facebook screenshotYosmany Mayeta Labrada

In addition to the lack of basic necessities and runaway inflation in one of the worst economic crises the country has faced, Cubans also face an unprecedented escalation of crime, with robberies, assaults, and violent crimes almost daily.

Recently, also in Santiago de Cuba, a young man who had snatched a cell phone from an elderly person was captured.

In Sancti Spiritus, the owner of a stolen motorcycle offered a reward to anyone who provides information that leads to locating the whereabouts of the vehicle.

In Old Havana, a man who committed a robbery with a knife inside a high school was caught.

A high-profile robbery occurred last week in Artemisa, where 12 people stole two tons of sugar from the Harlem sugar mill in the Bahía Honda municipality, after bribing the company's two guards, according to authorities.

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