A young person jumps from the roof of their house and falls onto electrical cables in Santiago de Cuba.

The incident generated an electrical explosion that ended in a blackout.

Ambulancia (i) y Barrio de Altamira (d) (Imágenes de referencia) © Collage Periódico 26 - Facebook/La gente de Altamira
Ambulance (l) and Altamira Neighborhood (r) (Reference images)Photo © Collage Periódico 26 - Facebook/The people of Altamira

A young man threw himself from the rooftop of his house in the Altamira neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba in the last hours, falling onto power lines that caused a strong explosion.

The young man - who suffers from mental disorders - was immediately hospitalized after the fall, as revealed on social media by journalist Yosmany Mayeta.

The protagonist of the incident has been identified as Alexey Calas Rojas, a resident on 12th Street, in the area known as "Loma de los Caballos".

After the incident, Calas was first admitted to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital and was then transferred to the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital.

As a result of the explosion that occurred, a part of the neighborhood was left without electricity.

An internet user who claimed to know him pointed out that Alexei is a young man with mental health problems who has been admitted to the psychiatric hospital several times, but he was discharged because there were no medications available.

The source indicated that the young man was also consuming drugs, and that "seems to have led him to this total imbalance that made him commit this madness of ending his life."

"He jumped from the second floor of his house and crashed into the power lines until he fell to the ground, causing a loud noise and a power outage. He is currently at the Military Hospital where he is being treated. Doctors detected neurological damage, so he was transferred to the Provincial Hospital," the source concluded.

Capture of comment on Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

In a more recent publication, Yosmany Mayeta specified that the young man is in critical condition.

Alexey has a fractured jaw, skull, one leg, and he has "shocks in the stomach," but they are waiting "for the swelling to go down to take him into the operating room," as revealed to the aforementioned communicator by a family source who asked for prayers for him.

Yosmany Mayeta urged the healthcare staff to give the young man the same careful treatment that was given to the baseball player who was hit in the face last Saturday during a game between Santiago de Cuba and Industriales.

"All human beings need to be treated equally," concluded the journalist.

People suffering from mental illnesses and behavioral and personality disorders, among other mental conditions, have been particularly vulnerable to pharmaceutical shortages, one of the many issues that Cubans face in their daily lives.

At the same time, suicide rates have surged in Cuba as a result of the worsening economic situation, marked by rampant inflation, shortages of food and essential products, as well as an unprecedented migration crisis.

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