Three places in the world where you wouldn't imagine they sell Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich is unknown in Cuba, but a celebrity in the gastronomic world!!

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The Cuban sandwich is unknown in Cuba. Its ingredients are difficult to bring together in a single meal. However, it increasingly seems to enjoy more international fame.

Here I show you three corners of the world where they prepare it.

Henley Beach, Adelaida, South Australia

Hermanos Cubanos is a takeaway on Henley Square beach.

They defend an artisanal product made with quality ingredients. And among other snacks, they sell the famous Cuban Sandwich.

I haven't tried their Cuban sandwich, but it looks delicious and respects the original recipe. They also have another chicken one that just looking at it makes your mouth water.

As they explain on their Facebook page, to open their business in this beach area of Australia they were inspired by the street food of Miami and the Cuban emigrants who developed this type of cuisine.

Seoul, capital of South Korea

BooksCooks is a modest but cozy cafe in Seoul. It is located in a renovated hanok, a typical Korean construction. In addition to dedicating themselves to gastronomy, they have a beautiful literary and cultural proposal.

The place has a careful decoration that combines its marked Asian style with small vintage touches.

They sell different types of teas, coffees and sweets, among which you can find lemon 'pie'. But what no one would imagine discovering there is a Cuban sandwich. According to those who have tried it, it is really good, but a little expensive.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At the Ibis Central, near the Dubai Trade Centre, there is a restaurant with a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence, known as “Cubano Lito”.

This place has a spectacular setting and the best in Cuban music, food and drinks.

Customer comments and photos on social media say the Fritas are fantastic. And the croquettes not to mention. But your menu wouldn't be complete without a Cuban Sandwich. Who was going to tell you?

Even in Dubai! And in Cuba, nothing

The king of Cuban snacks is largely unknown on the Island. This is because it originated at the beginning of the 20th century, in the Cuban-American communities of Ybor City and Key West, Florida.

I leave you here our Cuban Sandwich recipe in case you dare to do it at home. If you send us a photo, I will include you in the article because... Who knows from where in the world you read us while you eat it?


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