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A harrow is trapped under a bridge on the Vía Blanca

Apparently the driver did not know the size of the container he was transporting or the height of the bridge and tried to force the vehicle to pass.

Rastra atrapada bajo el puente © Liegner Figueroa vía Pedro Domínguez/ ‎Facebook/ Accidentes Buses & Camiones
Harrow trapped under the bridge Photo © Liegner Figueroa via Pedro Domínguez/ ‎Facebook/ Bus & Truck Accidents

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This Saturday morning an accident occurred in Havana, when a tractor that was traveling along the Vía Blanca towards Matanzas became stranded on the road, unable to pass under a bridge.

The event happened in the area where the establishment known as El Trébol de Mar Azul is located, according to Internet user Pedro Domínguez in the Facebook group called 'Accidents, buses & trucks, for more experience and fewer victims!'.

Facebook / BUS & TRUCK ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!

Apparently the driver did not know the size of the container he was transporting or the height of the bridge and tried to force the vehicle to pass, which caused it to become trapped.

The images show several men, one of them a police officer, standing on the side of the vehicle. Traffic on that path was interrupted.

Several users have commented on the incident and most point to the driver's irresponsibility for not checking if his vehicle could pass under that bridge.

“What kind of crazy, he didn't realize that that container didn't fit there,” “They don't respect the established height measurements or maybe they don't even know it, they drive just to drive,” were some of the criticisms.

“He deprived himself and did not realize that his load exceeds four meters, I think this bridge is at that height, there must be signs that announce height because they are not all the same height (…) there are two fundamental things about crawlers: one, height of the load and the other, weight of the load. Thank goodness it wasn't passing power lines,” stressed Roberto Jiménez González.

“Daddy, get the air out of the tires,” suggested young Fabio Javier Borroto Méndez.

Some blamed the incident on the driver's inexperience. “That driver is new, the old ones know the measurements of the bridges, it is inexperience on the roads,” said Yesniel Castillo.

“He doesn't know the height of his harrow, those are beginner mistakes,” added Rafael Valdés.

Last January abus was trapped in the Havana tunnel due to an alleged lack of signage indicating the height of the roof of the road crossing. Images published then on social networks showed the bus tilted, after becoming completely embedded between the roof and one of the walls of the building.

Neither the Cuban government nor the police have provided information about the incident or the identity of the driver, although some Internet users claimed that he had not suffered injuries.

For yearsTraffic accidents are among the main causes of death in Cuba. The lack of signage on streets and highways, the poor condition of the vehicles in transit, and the failure of drivers to comply with traffic regulations are some of the causes.

OfJanuary to November 2019, 8,553 events occurred of this nature in the country, an average ofa traffic accident every 55 minutes in Cuba.

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