El Chacal: "Where are El Gato, Alcántara and Robles?"

"They are people who have not done anything out of this world, simply tell the truth, speak," denounced El Chacal.

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Cuban reggaeton player Ramón Lavado Martínez, better known asThe Jackal, questioned where are theyoutuber The Cuban Cat, the artistLuis Manuel Otero Alcántara and the youngLuis Robles, imprisoned on the island for exercising their right to express themselves freely.

During an interview with Cuban comediansLos Pichy Boys, El Chacal confessed that it had taken him time to take the step of talking about the reality of Cuba because his family was above anything and losing the possibility of going to see them wasa difficult step for which I needed time, but there came a time when he realized that he could no longer accept what was happening on the island, especially after the historic protests of July 11.

"But what does it mean to be an artist who represents a people? You can say anything about me except that I have double standards. For a while people got used to that, going to Cuba and bringing a package of coffee, a bottle of cumin, but when this happened [11J] and you saw the videos of the police throwing lead at people, no, no, that's when I said 'that's not how things are going to be and I'm going to be on the side of freedom '" said the artist.

"With what morality am I going to stand on a stage [in Cuba] to sing to someone who has nothing to eat and is going to pay for an El Chacal concert? No, I'm not going to do that. Where is El Gato Where is Alcántara, Robles? They are people who have not done anything out of this world, simply tell the truth, speak," he denounced.

"The Cuban is going crazy, because he is losing his time to live, to do good things, and the youth, who were the first to show their face, know that if they don't do something to get ahead now they are going to lose." his whole life," highlighted El Chacal.

The reggaeton singer assured that the youth in Cuba "are no longer ready to say pioneers for communism, we will be like Che's murderer" and asked the new generations to "make this worth it."

"My family is gone because I can't see them, I really enjoyed the performances in Cuba, that's not there anymore, perfect, but those who are inside there, the youth, make this worth it. We need freedom, we need good things and we demand freedom, we demand food, we demand medicine, we demand that Cuba have freedom of parties," the singer asked.

The Jackal also referred to the new version ofLet them go now, by Willy Chirino, in which he participated with other Cuban reggaeton artists and which has been very well received: "It is a song that is representing what really happened with the revolution, and what Cuba really deserves. A people taking to the streets and saying that they can't take it anymore, that they need freedom, food, everything.

To the Cuban Government, the reggaeton singer also dedicated a message: "Get off your horse, gentlemen, you are not up to that anymore, we say down with the dictatorship because people are suffering, they are dying."

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