Multiple accident on Havana's Malecón involves four cars

Images shared on social networks show the spectacular nature of the accident.

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A multiple accident occurred this Friday afternoon on Malecón Avenue in Havanainvolved four cars, including a taxi, but without causing fatalities or serious injuries, despite the spectacular nature of the incident.

“Good morning group... Right now on the boardwalk... several cars involved... drive carefully... Blessings,” reported a user of the Facebook group Bus & Truck Accidents For more experience and fewer victims! where he shared a video with images of the accident.

Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

A red Hyundai Tico, a white Lada Samara, a yellow Geely model taxi and another white Hyundai of an unidentified model appear to have been the vehicles involved in the accident from the images shared. In the absence of official information, users who commented on social networks did not say that there were deaths or serious injuries.

Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

“Today on the Malecón in Havana; It was not serious,” said another user who shared a post in the same Facebook group. “Right now on Malecón, around 1830! "I don't know the causes!" reported a third party in another publication on the same site.

Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

Among the comments, some agreed on the danger of that section of the Malecón, especially in bad weather, waves and wind, which drive salt from the sea, depositing it on the road, making it more slippery.

“That curve has a bad reputation, it is very dangerous, the devil's billiards,” one of the group's forum members called it. “That curve of the Castillito is a candle. People don't calculate how much the tires slide there. With just a little bit of saltpeter and they leave the traffic light at full speed,” another commentator expanded.

However, another user considered that it was not a single accident. “They are two different accidents, caused by saltpeter. While there, several skated,” he observed in the comments to one of the publications.

“That must be a coincidence. I imagine that there was already an accident and then the other one occurred, because four cars at the same time is difficult,” considered another commentator. A third, without clarifying the facts very well, replied: “It was right away. The first provoked the second. There were two other cars as well,” he said.

Several users agreed that the section of Malecón, at the height of the so-called “Castillito”, is very dangerous. “That is the curve of the little castle; “When there is bad weather and the waves hit the wall, the street becomes slippery because of the salt,” said another.

“That's where I fish, that's very normal on that curve. I have seen countless accidents. That curve is dangerous, there have already been many deaths. That curve has a reverse fall, that is, from the middle to the outside with a fall. It should be the opposite and that is why the vehicles lose control and spin,” said a Havana fisherman.

This Monday a woman died in Havanaafter being hit by a car driven by a soldier, who allegedly jumped the red light of a traffic light in Alamar and collided with the woman who was crossing the avenue.

Last Saturday, a car from the brandHyundai collided with two other vehicles at the Varadero toll station, Matanzas, without causing any human damage. The incident occurred after three in the afternoon on Saturday, when one of the cars crossed onto the adjacent lane and collided with the other two cars that were advancing on that road, to the astonishment of those present.

Last year the Cuban government recorded a total of 8,369 traffic accidents, which lefta balance of 589 dead and 5,859 injured.

These official statistics revealed that during 2021, about 23 road accidents per day occurred in Cuba, and more than one person lost their life on average.

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