Electric motorcycles were crushed by a Lada after an accident in front of the Colón Cemetery

Photographs on social networks reveal the magnitude of the incident, even without details about the victims.

Accidente de tránsito fente al Cementerio de Colón © Facebook/Randy Fernández Zaldíbar
Traffic accident in front of the Colón Cemetery Photo © Facebook/Randy Fernández Zaldíbar

Two electric motorcycles were left under a Lada after a spectacular accident that occurred this Saturday in front of the Colón Cemetery in Havana.

Photographs shared in the Facebook group "BUS & TRUCK ACCIDENTS, for more experience and fewer victims", show the seriousness of the incident, in which, at the closing of this note, no further details had been given about the state of health of the injured people.

Facebook capture/Randy Fernández Zaldíbar

According to one user, the driver of the Lada was trying to turn left when he was blinded by the sun, which resulted in him not seeing the oncoming motorcycles.

Facebook capture/Lázaro Vera

This Internet user claimed that he was driving approximately 100 meters behind the motorcycles.

“I don't understand how he gets dazzled and takes the opposite path. I'm sorry, it's just that motorcycles always have the chance to lose," said one Internet user.

Facebook Capture/Irasema Chávez

Earlier this month, it was reported on Calzada de 10 de Octubre and Avenida Santa Catalina, a traffic accident between an electric motorcycle and a car, which left one person injured.

The images shared show that the motorcycle was left under the front of the car.

A week ago, Two electric motorcycles collided in Bayamo, Granma, in an accident that caused at least one injury, as shown in the photos shared by a witness on Facebook.

The incident occurred on the corner of Pío Rosado and Figueredo streets.

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