Protests in Cuba: Nuevitas takes to the streets to ask for freedom

The protests in Cuba have been systematically occurring as a sign of popular discontent with the government's management, particularly due to the problems of the energy crisis and inflation.

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To the rhythm of the conga "Turn on the pinga current", and cries of"Freedom", the Cubans staged a peaceful demonstration on Thursday night in the Pastelillo neighborhood of the Nuevitas municipality, in Camagüey.

The popular protests They are to demand that the government resolve the problems of the energy crisis, inflation and also to release the political prisoners and make way for the change towards democracy in Cuba.

The Cubans took to the streets shouting"Freedom"; "Díaz-Canel Singao the people are planted"; "Down with Díaz-Canel"; "Free the political prisoners"; and in the middle of the demonstrationThey sang the national anthem, out loud.

Protests were reported simultaneously inNuevitas, Camagüey province and in Havana, in the area ofLuyanó, in the Diez de Octubre municipality, where the neighbors played a long cacerolazo against the government.

The demonstrations occurred at night, at a time when there is much darkness in the streets due to blackouts. Cubans are taking advantage of the unpleasant power outages to go out to demonstrate and show theirdisagreement with the regime.

The darkness protects their identities and makes it difficult for the State to act with repressive measures against the protesters, as happened in the historic 11J protests that occurred during daylight hours and the faces of the participants were recorded in the videos.

These images of the protests in different parts of the country were used by the regime to later go to arrest the protesters and many remain in prison today.

The non-governmental organization Justicia 11J indicated that since June there have been more than 50 people detained in Cuba for demonstrating against the blackouts.

In July Díaz-Canel admitted before the National Assembly of People's Power that protests are taking place in Cuba against theenergy crisis and he said he understood the popular discontent over the frequent electricity cuts, but he believes that Cubans will not solve anything by demonstrating.

"There are some people who, to express their discomfort, their incomprehension, go to the banging of pots, shout expressions against the leaders, some take the opportunity to say slogans against the revolution, others participate in acts of vandalism, throw stones, break windows, and with That does not resolve the situation we have. It can only be resolved by complying with the strategy we have, in which we are committed and we are defending," he said.

On this Thursday night ageneral blackout in Havana that left many neighborhoods of the city in darkness. According to official sources, it was a breakdown. The interruptions were reported after 9 pm in numerous municipalities of the Cuban capital.

The blackout lasted until midnight. The service was gradually restored in the affected municipalities and neighborhoods, although this Friday morning some places were still without power.

On Wednesday night, Cubans also came out with their pots and pans to protest the blackout and shouted slogans.against the ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel. The demonstrations on that day took place in areas of the main municipalities of Matanzas, Villa Clara, Guantánamo and in San Antonio de los Baños, of Artemisa.

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