They search the house of a Cuban mother who recorded beating girls in Nuevitas again

This is the second search carried out at the home of Mayelín Rodríguez Prado (21 years old), detained and held incommunicado since the end of August, when she broadcast on social networks the repression of the Cuban regime against the protesters in the municipality of Camagüey.

Mayelín Rodríguez Prado © Twitter / @justicia11j
Mayelín Rodríguez Prado Photo © Twitter / @justicia11j

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The Cuban regime ordered this Tuesday to re-search the house of the young CubanMayelín Rodríguez Prado, the mother who recordedthe beatings suffered by two girls in Nuevitas at the hands of the police that repressed the massive protests in that municipality at the end of August.

Tired of the constant and prolonged blackouts, the people of Nuevite took to the streets to express their discontent, their criticism of the government and to demand “freedom.”The spontaneous marches ended up being repressed and many of its participants detained, interrogated or threatened by State Security.

"URGENT. They carry out a new search at the home of Mayelín Rodríguez, the young woman who filmed the protests in Nuevitas where police officers beat 2 girls. Mayelín would be transferred to Camagüey. They asked his family to take clothes to the State Security headquarters,” the NGO reported via Twitter.Cubalex.

Known on social networks as “La Chamaca”, Rodríguez Prado was arrested just a few hours after a live broadcast from her social networks, in which she showed the repression unleashed against the Nuevitas protesters and shared the testimony of the two minors who were found beaten in a struggle with agents of the National Revolutionary Police who were trying to arrest the father of one of them.

The arrest of the 21-year-old girl (mother of a 1 and a half year old girl) immediately spread to social networks. After 24 hours since his arrest and in the absence of information from the authorities to his family,The non-governmental organization Justicia 11J reported her missing..

On Monday, August 29,State Security carried out a search at Rodríguez Prado's house. “I know that my daughter has nothing in the house that compromises her,” said her mother.Nelkys Prado Méndez, in an exclusive live interview withCyberCuba, emphasizing that if during the search they found any evidence it would be a trap “planted” by the same police that kept her detained and incommunicado.

“I am aware as a mother that Mayelín has done everything from the heart, she has simply recorded… The evidence speaks for itself and the video is there. Mayelín is recording all the time and they are attacking the people, attacking the girls and at that precise moment everything is very clear,” said Prado Méndez regarding a possible accusation against his daughter.

According to the family, the lawyer explained to them that the young woman was charged with the crime of “public disorder.” He also told them that in the interrogations they carried out on the little girls violated by the police, the repressors sought to get the minors to recognize that they had given their testimony forced by Rodríguez Prado.

The political police also searched the home of Gerlin Torrente Echevarría at the end of August., one of the girls beaten by the police. “They went to the house ofJose Armando Torrente, Gerlin's father, to do a search to see if they can find bottles or anything they had there so they can have justification to give him as many years as they want," he said.Aracely Utra a CyberCuba.

Nuevitera related to the little one and withBeatriz Aracelia Rodríguez Freijoo, the other minor victim of the beating on August 20, stated that Torrente was violently detained during the demonstration and was being held incommunicado.

Among those detained was “the father of the third girl who was also interrogated,” Aracelys said, referring toRegnery Medina and his little girlJennifer Medina Arango. “They took him and he is in prison,” he said. "What they're doing is taking two and three young guys every day."

The United States government demanded this Tuesday the release of Rodríguez Prado and the more than 50 Nuevitas detainees. “We ask for the immediate release of Mayelín Rodríguez, whom the authorities have unjustly detained for weeks for filming the protests in Nuevitas,” demanded the United States Embassy in Cuba in a Twitter thread.

Protests in Nuevitas against blackouts and government mismanagement began on the night of Thursday, August 18. The residents of the Pastelillo neighborhood took to the streets to demand "Freedom" and swept through the town to the rhythm of the conga "Pongan lacurrent pinga" and slogans such as "Díaz-Canel singao el pueblo estar plantao."

On Friday, peaceful protests were repeated, but the Cuban police deployed their forces in Nuevitas and arrested several protesters. The arrests were violent and the security forces even beat girls who were with their families at the protest.

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