Appointments at the Spanish Consulate for the new Grandchildren Law available from November 21

Only one appointment will be accepted per procedure or person.

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Consulate of Spain in Havana Photo © CiberCuba

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The Spanish consulate in Havana reported this Thursday that theappointment system for obtaining nationality through the recently approved Grandchildren Law, it will be available starting next November 21.

"Our appointment system for nationality #democraticMemory Law is open. Appointments available from Monday 11-21-2022," the diplomatic headquarters reported on Twitter.

According to the information, theprocedure for obtaining an appointment To request nationality through the Democratic Memory Law it will be through; and only one can be requested per person per procedure.

The interested party must attach a clear photo of themselves along with their identity card, scan the legalized documentation necessary for the procedure and send it in a single PDF file.

The subject of the email must beCITAS LMD; and in the body of the same the following data must appear:
name; Surname; second surname; Identity card, writtenwithout apostrophes, accents, or dashes(in compound surnames the hyphens must be omitted), each data being separated from the next only with a semicolon without any other character. Only Ñ will be accepted.

The embassy posts the following example:
José María López Sánchez-Bravo, identity card: 35022700215, would have to write:

If the interested party sends the email correctly, they will receive a response from the address in their, where you will find ausername and password.

With your username and password you cansearch and get appointment in the LMD appointment book at the link where you can finally choose the date and time.

Regarding changes in the date and time of agreed appointments, he indicated that they cannot be canceled or modified. "Applicants who do not attend the reserved appointment will only be able to book a new appointment once the date of the initially arranged appointment has passed," he explained.​

The Spanish Senate approved the Grandchildren Law at the beginning of October. It is believed that this will benefit thousands of Cubans who will be ableacquire Spanish nationality by being descendants of up to the second generation (grandchildren) of Spanish citizens who emigrated to Cuba.

Until 2018, and thanks to the Historical Memory Law, nearly 100,000 people obtained Spanish nationality in Cuba and another 100,000 were in the process of obtaining it.

Estimates from that year estimated that another 200,000 could acquire Spanish nationality under the law.

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