US adds new requirement in request for humanitarian parole

The modification to the I-134A form was added this month with a box that allows 1,500 characters to be added with information about the applicant.

Encuentros familiares por vía del parole humanitario © Facebook / Marco Rivero
Family reunions through humanitarian parole Photo © Facebook / Marco Rivero

The authorities of theU.S. Department of Immigration and Citizenship (USCIS) They added an additional requirement to the form to requesthumanitarian parole, with the option that the sponsor can reinforce the beneficiary's eligibility with data about their personal situation.

The modification of theform I-134A was added this month through abox that allows you to enter 1,500 characters with information about the applicant.

“The granting of a parole is a discretionary determination that is granted on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or for a significant public benefit. Please explain why a favorable exercise of discretion is meritorious for this person,” indicates the clarification on the form.

The forms that were used since the beginning of the program, last January, did not have this section. According to statistics from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at the end of June,More than 181 thousand Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans have benefited on the initiative of theBiden administration to stop the migratory flow across the border, with almost two million petitions presented.

Information box added to Form I-134A

But the process has been subject tocriticism from applicants for the delay in processing the forms by USCIS.

“This new box will favor both new requests and people who can add information to the original request, but it does not mean that the data provided will ensure approval of the case,” explained theimmigration lawyer Willy Allen.

For people who have already presented their cases, it is not mandatory to add additional evidence, butNew applications must fill out the box as a mandatory requirement.

“Although applications in process are not required to require the sponsor to incorporate new data, it is a good excuse to move the application,” Allen noted.

The requests withurgent humanitarian reasons Osignificant public benefit They are considered to have greater chances of being approved. In the case of urgent humanitarian reasons, it is assessed whether you have compelling reasons to come to the United States and the personal consequences that would arise from not obtaining your temporary stay permit in the country.

Among these “compelling reasons” are cases of people in need of special medical treatment or who have to assist a family member in the final stage of a terminal illness.

Regarding the significant public benefit, professionals such as doctors, nurses, scientists, athletes and people with trades and skills that can contribute favorably to the interests of the country are taken into account. Also, farmers and fishermen will be able to endorse their cases, considering they have the capacity to perform jobs in areas where highly valued labor is needed.

“The idea is that when evaluating applications, authorities can focus more on the professional titles and skills that people have that can make a public contribution to the United States,” Allen said.

In the application, the sponsor may also add an explanatory letter with information about the applicant that provides evidence about their case.

All attached documents must be in English.

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