Díaz-Canel on tour of the Middle East: "They want to support investments in food sovereignty"

In a long speech from the Palace of the Revolution, the leader of the so-called "continuity" presented what he considered "achievements" of his trip.

Miguel Díaz-Canel © X / @PresidenciaCuba
Miguel Diaz-Canel Photo © X / @PresidenciaCuba

The Cuban ruler, Miguel Diaz-Canel, returned from his Middle East tour exhibiting “positive results” and especially highlighting the sensitivity shown towards investments in food sovereignty for Cuba.

“There was a lot of sensitivity in supporting investments in food sovereignty for Cuba,” Díaz-Canel said this Tuesday from the Palace of the Revolution, in statements offered to the official press of the regime.

In a long perorata of achievements, the leader of the so-called “continuity” explained that the Cuban delegation participated in COP28 and chaired a summit of the Group of 77, achieving consensus on issues such as the climate crisis.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), significant agreements were established, including reciprocal investment protection treaties and the elimination of double taxation. In addition, according to Díaz-Canel, opportunities were explored in tourism, agriculture, biotechnology and renewable energy. This country showed interest in solving Cuban energy problems.

In Qatar, there was great willingness to evaluate investment projects in several key sectors, including tourism, food, renewable energy and biotechnology. They proposed to strengthen collaboration in health and strengthen banking and financial ties.

Iran showed expectations in strengthen strategic relations with Cuba. Agreements were signed in science, technology, energy, agriculture, and an existing debt for Cuban exports was reorganized. They especially focused on food sovereignty and biotechnology projects.

Díaz-Canel highlighted the fruitful visit and the need to present solid projects that respond to Cuban priorities and are attractive to counterparts. The ruler appointed by Raul Castro He highlighted the renewed friendship with the UAE and the countries' interest in collaborating with Cuba in key areas, with systematic monitoring of the agreed actions.

The tour made clear the willingness of the countries visited to cooperate with Cuba, according to Díaz-Canel. Now, the challenge lies in responding to these interests with concrete and attractive projects, he concluded.

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