Viral: Cuban "gives" a motorcycle to anyone who tells her something that works well in the country

The buttons on Manuel Marrero's shirt, the blackouts, the lies of the leaders and removing those who leave the country from the supply book were some responses.

Moto que "regalará" su dueña © Mayelin Medel / Facebook
Motorcycle that its owner will "give away" Photo © Mayelin Medel / Facebook

A Cuban woman has gone viral on the Internet after a unique joke, representative of Cuban humor.

to the young womanMayelin Medium It occurred to him nothing more and nothing less than to give a motorcycle to whoever tells him something that works well in the country.

Mayelin, a resident of Havana, shared in the groupFacebook "Alamar the ad, which received more than a thousand responses, many of them friendly and witty.

"I give this motorcycle, with papers and everything!, to anyone who tells me ONLY ONE THING THAT WORKS WELL in this country!" he said, in a post along with two photos of the vehicle.

Facebook Capture / Alamar / Mayelin Medel

"Come on, there's a prize," he added.

Among the things that are going well, Internet users mentioned theblackouts, theleaders' lies, people's stress, the system of removing people who leave the country from the supply book, the schedule of the Newscast and the death box factory, although this last response sparked disagreement.

One of the best was that of a young man who thinks thatPrime Minister Manuel Marrero's shirt buttons they work very well.

"Write me privately to claim my motorcycle," he told the author of the post.

Terminal 3 with people leaving for Nicaragua! "I'm going for the motorcycle!" said a mother.

"Poverty, that is growing more and more here in the country," said a motorist.

"What does work well isthe good life that rulers live of this country, tell me where I can pick up the motorcycle, it's already mine," said a woman from Havana.

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