Several injured after a car crashes into a fuel pipe in Villa Clara

The incident occurred in the Ranchuelo municipality, when the private car went through the checkpoint and hit the pipe, which was empty.

Pipa de combustible volcada © Diamela López / Facebook
Overturned fuel pipe Photo © Diamela López / Facebook

Several people were injured this Friday morning at crash of a car into a fuel pipe occurred on a highway in Villa Clara.

According to Internet user Diamela López, from Santa Clara, the incident occurred in the vicinity between Castaño and Esperanza, in the municipality of Ranchuelo, when private car lost control and hit the fuel pipe, which was empty and was traveling on work functions.

"All those involved were treated at the Ranchuelo polyclinic, so far without danger to life," he said in his statement. Facebook.

Capture of Diamela López / Facebook

The authorities are investigating the causes of the event.

Last year there were several traffic incidents involving fuel pipes, water or other substances.

At the end of December, a fuel pipe hit an almendrón on the highway that leads to Pinar del Río, with no deaths or injuries reported from the collision. The car was hit from the rear.

In mid-September, a pipe overturned on a road in the municipality of La Lisa, on avenues 23 and 234.

A witness who passed by the scene and recorded a short video stated that the cause of the event was a technical malfunction and that there were no injuries. He also commented that it happened in front of Raúl Castro's house.

A few days before, a pipe loaded with caustic soda lost control and went off the road while climbing a hill of the Vía Blanca in Mayabeque, near the Jibacoa bridge.

The vehicle, from the Electrochemical company of Sagua la Grande, was carrying the load from Villa Clara to the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte. The engine apparently died while trying to climb a slope.

Images shared on networks show the pipe on the weeds and the rest of the truck crossed on the road. It is presumed that the driver maneuvered like this to avoid falling down the hill.

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