A man murders a woman in Santiago de Cuba and then takes his own life

The tragic event occurred last Saturday.

A woman was murdered by her ex-partner in the town ofEl Caney, in Santiago de Cuba last Saturday allegedly with an axe, according to journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada citing as a source the testimony of sources familiar with the case.

After committing the crime,The aggressor - named Adonis and a Community Services worker - committed suicide by slitting his throat.

The victim, about 40 years old, has been identified as Yanelis Coca and lived with a young grandson in a neighborhood known as “La Conejera”, on the San Andrés highway, in the aforementioned Santiago town.

According to himaudio from a neighbor of the deceased woman - reported by Mayeta Labrada - the couple was separated about a year ago and the woman had a new romantic relationship.

“She had another boyfriend, but the ex-couple visited the house because the woman was in charge of a little grandson that he had helped him raise, who is about two years old.”, specified the source.

“That same day I saw her going with the person who was currently her partner, he left her on the corner and she went home,” added the neighbor, who says that in the afternoon the deceased's new partner told him what occurred.

“The guy was harassing her, he was in the house and he killed her…The man waited for the child to fall asleep before committing the act. It was very fast. A neighbor came in quickly when he felt the scandal, he kicked the door and the man was already lying on top of it and the child was awake,” he described.

The victim is survived by two twin daughters from his first marriage, named Dignora and Dignaisi, who reside in Havana.

Until the closing of this note, the feminist platforms YoSiTeCreo in Cuba and the Alas Tensas Gender Observatory (OGAT) have not reported the crime.

Until February 15, the under-registration of the aforementioned sources waseight femicides so far this year and a case that needs access to the police investigation.

Added to this was that they were working on two other alerts: one in the Esperanza town, in Villa Clara; andanother in Becerra, in the province of Las Tunas.

Cuba closed 2023 with the highest number of annual femicides since the independent organizations YoSíTe Creo en Cuba and Alas Tensas began collecting data in 2019.

Between 2019 and 2023, feminist platforms have verified a total of 207 femicides on the island, of which 88 were committed in 2023, according to the initial under-registration of the aforementioned independent organizations.

Although the initial count of feminist platforms was 88 in an update made at the beginning of 2024, they decided to include in the final review the death of the young Aniuvis de la Caridad Delgado Acosta, 27 years old, as a case of gynecobstetric femicide, which raised the figure from 88 to 89.

The underreporting of femicides in Cuba in 2023 stood at 89 femicides; nine attempted feminicides; two gender-related murders and five cases that need access to police investigation.

The cases needing access to the police investigation are the following: Yailén Bodaños Morales (Matanzas); Miriam Insern Mompié (Manzanillo, Granma); Flavia Herrera Rodríguez (Havana); Elba Yipsi Pérez Álvarez (Santiago de Cuba) and Yaidelin Figueredo, Negrita (Granma).

In the course of 2023, after years of silence, the Cuban government admitted the problem, although emphasizing that there has been no inaction from the State.

Miguel Díaz-Canel called for "zero tolerance" with sexist violence, but in July he said that in the country Any criminal act is "exaggerated" and in particular those of gender violence.

In December the Government assured that thesexist murders on the island totaled 117 "at the end of October", but the criterion used was not specified.

The agencyWhich one indicated thatthe average profile of victims of sexist violence in Cuba in 2023 She was a 37-year-old woman, mother of at least one child, living in a rural area and murdered by her ex-partner.

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