The femicides of two elderly women in Cuba are confirmed

Access is requested to the police report of the still unclarified death of nurse Samantha (Sami) Heredia Odrens, which occurred on March 3 in Santiago de Cuba.

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Cuban feminist platforms confirmed two new cases of feminicide in Cuba that occurred between the end of February and mid-March, thus It rises to 14 violent deaths of women so far this year.

On this occasion, both victims were elderly.

The independent observatories Alas Tensas (OGAT) and YoSíTeCreo Cuba denounced the feminicide of Paulina (Chiquitica) Collazo Diago under extreme violence.

The elderly woman was missing between February 27 and March 14, when His body was found in an open field in Los Arabos, Matanzas.

"We denounce the lack of support from the local police in his search. We send our condolences to his family and the entire community, as he was a very loved and well-known person," the information states.

The other incident, described as family feminicide, refers to the violent death of a 92-year-old woman named Maria, who was murdered by her son-in-law in the house where they both lived in Lawton, Diez de Octubre municipality, on March 3.

The horrendous crime was committed by a renowned cardiologist named Rolando Sanchez Pineapple, who was arrested after the incident.

"We include as a case for which access to the police report is needed, the death in circumstances to be clarified of nurse Samantha (Sami) Heredia Odrens, which occurred on March 3 in the city of Santiago de Cuba," says Alas Tensas and YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

The under-registration carried out by the two observatories until March 20 is of 14 femicides, five cases that need access to police investigation: one alert in Santiago de Cuba, one in Manzanillo, one in Granma, one in Ciego de Ávila and two in Havana.

Last Sunday morning, an attempted femicide occurred in the town of Altamira, in Santiago de Cuba, where A man stabbed his wife seven times.

The victim's name is Daneyis Del Rey Cabrera, 30 years old, and she was admitted in serious condition to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital.

"She went to pick up the girl at her grandmother's house in the early morning and, having the girl carried, she threw her seven times and grabbed her in several places," said a friend of the young woman.

"Thank goodness he had time to throw the girl on the bed and she wasn't hurt, because what he did with her was savagery," the source said.

The aggressor was identified as Axel Camilo Romero. As of the writing of this note, the man remains a fugitive.

The Cuban feminist platforms Alas Tensas (OGAT) and YoSiTeCreoCuba registered 220 femicides on the Island since 2019; of them, 89 occurred last year.

In their 2023 Annual Report on Femicide in Cuba, which closed on March 5, 2024, both organizations state that 89 women were murdered within the country and another 10 crimes against Cuban women occurred abroad.

The figure is much higher than in previous years: 14 femicides in 2019, 33 in 2020, 36 in 2021 and 36 in 2022.

Despite these data, the regime denies femicides and alleges that they are a "media construction".

According to Miguel Díaz-Canel, the term feminicide indicates alleged state inaction in the face of gender-based violent acts, "a media construction completely foreign to Cuban reality," he stated categorically.

In his closing speech at the congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the president defended the measures taken to address the murders of women.

"There can be no impunity in Cuba, much less for crimes motivated by any type of discrimination and above all against women," he assured.

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