Government of Pinar del Río only guarantees bread to children under 14 years of age

The delay in the arrival of wheat shipments will leave a shortage of bread throughout Cuba until the end of March.

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The government of Pinar del Río will only guarantee thepan of the supply book to children under 14 years of age who live in its territory.

Guerrilla reported that, due to theinsufficient availability of wheat flour In the country, bread from the regulated family basket will not be able to be delivered to the population on a regular basis.

The director of the Provincial Company of the Food Industry in Pinar del Río,Oviamna Martínez Barrera, said that from February 28, bread will be delivered to children from 0 to 14 years old, in all municipalities. In total there would be 85,230 consumers.

The Pinar del Río government said that it will try to cover the demand of prioritized organizations, such as Health and Education. To make bread for the children, they will use the so-called flour "extenders", which includepumpkin puree and cassava flour.

The Cuban State assures that it does not have the resources to import flour and that is why the raw materials are currently obtained in cooperation with private management forms.

Pinar del Río needs 36 tons of flour daily to make the bread that its population consumes. Since February 10, they reduced that amount to 30.5 tons and the difference was made up with the "extenders", but that is now over as well.

Now the province only has one container with 10.2 tons on alternate days, so the government had to tighten its belt and will only produce bread for the children.

Thefood shortage in Pinar del Río It is such that local authorities have asked Food Industry institutions to sell cassava cookies, broths or soups, to maintain food offers to the population.

Matanzas also announcedrestrictions on the sale of bread, in some municipalities they will only offer it to the population on alternate days.

Theflour shortage It had already been informed last week by the Cuban authorities. They announced that the lack of bread will be even more noticeable and will persist until the end of March.

They claim that the problem is due to "financial restrictions" due to the United States economic embargo and "the logistical limitations that Cuba suffers in bringing wheat from distant markets."

The regime refuses to accept that it is incapable of guaranteeing basic food for the population. This week they have asked the UN for support to face themilk shortage in Cuba. Thousands of children go to school every day without being able to have breakfast.

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