They reveal the identity of the public transport driver who helped a young Cuban girl get to the Maternal Hospital

The driver admitted that it meant a lot to him that the grandmother's gratitude transcended social networks.

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Ernesto Hernandez Photo © Secret Nature

The identity of the public transport driver in Havana, whose act of diverting the bus to help a young pregnant woman about to give birth transcended social networks, was recently revealed by the Minister of Transportation of Cuba, in a rare event. among Cuban leaders.

Ernesto Hernandez It is another of the faces of transportation that we would like to reveal; very much against his will, because, although these days he is the best-known driver in Havana, his humility makes these recognitions bother him," says a publication by the head of Transportation.Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila.

“It meant a lot to me that that mother put that on social media,” says the Cuban leader admitted by Ernesto, a driver with more than 30 years of service.

According to this driver, when someone from the same industry is known, it is for reasons other than helping someone get to the hospital. “The drivers are seen only as those who did not stop at the stop or who had to make another maneuver and leave the town 'bota'o',” he expressed.

He added that in the many years that he has been driving, "good things and bad things" have happened to him, although he confesses that he did not help the young woman "so that no one would recognize it. The girl had contractions and pain, so we had to help." .

Ernesto's action went viral a few days ago thanks to the grateful grandmother who wrote a post on the social network Facebook telling what happened.

“Route 222 driver who worked in the early hours of Thursday, February 15, I thank you infinitely,” said the named woman.Dalia Lissette Masaguer.

According to this Cuban grandmother, her daughter was in labor pains on 41st and 66th avenues, apparently in the Playa municipality, and she said that no one helped her until this driver appeared and diverted the bus.

“I don't know who you are, or where you live, I only know that thanks to you my daughter arrived at the hospital on time and was able to give birth to her beautiful daughter, if it weren't for you it might have happened in the middle of the street, thank you for the words of solidarity and for the support you gave her while they transferred her,” the grandmother expressed through letters that denoted emotion.

The woman pointed out that she was waiting, desperate, for her daughter in the hospital guard room when the solidarity bus appeared.

He also thanked the travelers who came on the trip. “I ask life to reward you for your good deed and fill you with health, and that happiness never leaves you. To the travelers who came on the tour and supported this gesture, thank you also for being part of this story with a happy ending," he added.

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