Travelers are surprised with a blackout at the José Martí Airport in Havana

Several users criticized that a blackout occurred inside the main Cuban airport.

The criticism energy situation that the country is experiencing is not foreign to the main air terminal for entry and departure to Cuba, the José Martí International Airport of Havana, which this Monday surprised, once again, its users with a blackout.

The Instagram user un_martitodurako8_live_oficial He shared a video of the terminal turned off and with several people inside, waiting for the electrical service to be restored, which therefore stopped the operations of the airport terminal.

“The Havana Airport lost power, can you imagine a plane that is about to land in terminal 3?” was the question this user asked.

On the social network TikTok, the user @lalenoaurra described the fact as “amazing”, and also said that it was “unbelievable”, while showing people waiting in one of the displays of check-in. However, in your video you could see the screens on and at the end of it you could see the service returning to the airport.

Internet users reacted to this event with jokes and criticism of a fact that clouds the first and last sight of a traveler in Cuba.

“But there is no current where they were having the Habano Festival,” mentioned one person, making reference to the opulence seen at said event, culminated with a gala dinner, totally removed from the reality that Cubans live.

“If the country is without food, that an airport is without electricity is not surprising,” added another user.

This is not the first time something like this has happened at Cuba's main airport. In October 2022, a blackout surprised travelers in this terminal, who had to be taken to a hotel after the flight they were supposed to board was cancelled.

In August 2023, uA similar event occurred in the facilities of this aerodrome, leaving a negative impression on the travelers who were there.

Motionless luggage conveyor belts, information screens turned off, and expressions of disbelief on the faces of many travelers were captured by a user who shared the images on social networks.

According to the Cuban Electrical Union, This Monday the availability of the National Electroenergy System (SEN) at 7:00 am was 1,950 MW and the demand was 2,140 MW. At 5:55 am the service began to be affected due to a capacity deficit in the system.

Last week, the regime announced that the Antonio Guiteras Thermal Power Plant, the largest in the country, was disconnected from the national electrical energy system starting Wednesday, February 28 for 17 days for maintenance tasks.

Meanwhile, also They stopped the operations of the Nuevitas thermoelectric plant, in Camagüey, to carry out "planned maintenance" that will last until April.

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