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Cuban in the United States with a 20 dollar bill: "This is what I earned in a month in Cuba"

"20 dollars for a month of work": this Cuban recalled in a video that circulates on TikTok.

A Cuban named Yoel who resides in the United States uploaded a video to his TikTok profile in which he wanted to remember the salary he earned in Cuba for a month of work.

With a 20 dollar bill in his hand, the young man exclaimed:"By putting this money in my wallet, I remembered that, where I come from, this is what I earned in a month".

Next, Yoel adds in the material:"This is what I earned in a month in Cuba. It's crazy. 20 dollars for a month of work".

In addition to the words, the young Cuban has written along with the publication some words in which he thanks the new opportunities that the United States offered him and summarizes how he feels after having to leave the island with the aim of finding a better future:"Grateful to be an immigrant and sad to have emigrated".

In just a few hours, the audiovisual has thousands of views on TikTok and words of encouragement towards Yoel from Cubans who also identify with his story.

"He's the same brother, luckily we were able to leave", "Cuba has no name", "And to think that here the university students are asking for socialism and communism" or "The harsh reality of us Cubans", appear in the post.

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