The image that shows Amanda's improvement after a liver transplant in Spain

Amanda had several relapses after a liver transplant, but a few days ago she began a sustained recovery.

Amanda Photo © Lara Crofs/Instagram

The Cuban activist Yamilka Laffita, known as Lara Crofs on Facebook, published this Friday an image that shows the incredible evolution of the girl Amanda Lemus, subjected to a Liver transplant in Spain.

The little girl's case has mobilized hundreds of Cubans on and off the island for months, after the island's health authorities said they could not operate on her due to lack of resources.

A request from her parents for the Ministry of Public Health to sign a letter authorizing the family to apply for a humanitarian visa to take her out of the country was held up for many months, putting Amanda's life in danger.

The family finally traveled to Spain with a tourist visa and 15 days later the transplant was performed, for which the father was the donor. The Spanish doctors said that he had "wasted precious time", since the patient arrived very deteriorated.

After several relapses after the procedure surgery, the little girl is finally beginning to show signs of improvement. He is in good spirits, eats well and his eyes are no longer yellow.

"Mila Ortiz (Amanda's mother) knows how to lift my spirits. He sends me this photo that summarizes so much. Hope, perseverance, how much can be achieved when we unite in pursuit of an altruistic and just cause," said Lara Crofs, who organized the campaign to save the three-year-old girl.

"I am very grateful to everyone who has cooperated to make that photo a reality today. We continue," stressed the activist, who is also currently hospitalized.

A campaign in GoFundMe to help Amanda's family remains open and already exceeds 28 thousand dollars. The parents were able to travel to Spain thanks to the donations of hundreds of Cubans.

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