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Street fight results in young man seriously injured in Santiago de Cuba

The victim of the incident had to be transferred to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital, according to reports on social networks.

A street fight that occurred this Sunday night on the famous Trocha deSantiago de Cuba, left a person seriously injured, who had to be transferred to a hospital.

Andvideo shared by independent journalistYosmany Mayeta Labrada recorded a moment of the fight, apparently tumultuous, in which a young man was seriously injured by stabbing.

The images, censored for their harshness, do not allow details of the brawl to be seen, but the voices of people alarmed by the situation can be heard, calling to stop the violence with cries of “he is hurt!”

The victim of the incident had to be transferred to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital, where, as reported by Mayeta Labrada, he was declared “serious.”

“We do not know his personal information about the young man. Nor the real reasons for the fight,” indicated the reporter. At the time of writing this note, neither the authorities nor the Cuban official press offer information about this violent event.

The lack of opportunities and expectations among Cuban youth has led to an increase in violence, crime and drug consumption.

Beyond the hundreds of thousands of young people who have managed to escape from the Island duringthe current migration crisis, there are many who now find themselves trapped in a frustrating reality, with no other motivation than alienation and the search for strong emotions that make up for their vital shortcomings.

At the beginning of February, a young Cuban identified asWilmer Junior Lestapier Pascual He was stabbed while leaving a university party on the Pacho Alonso track in Santiago de Cuba.

According to his mother,Yanelis Pascual, in statements to Mayeta Labrada, during the attack five boys fell on him and stabbed him four times, two of which affected his kidney and one his liver.

“I have seen people arrive with blows to the head, machetes, I have seen havoc, havoc that they are wreaking,” Pascual described what he had experienced in the hospital where his son was admitted.

At the end of January the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) admitted the presence ofcriminal gangs dedicated to "implementing terror" among residents.

During a meeting with residents of the Abel Santamaría (El Salao) neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba, the authorities asked for a vote of confidence from those affected and issued a warning to the criminals.

“Know that you are going to be severely punished for the acts you have committed. We have learned about the different groups that exist and operate in these places. Know that we know who are the members of those groups that today hinder order and citizen tranquility and we are going to go to them,” explained a MININT officer.

In that sense, they referred to the case of the youngDavid Enrique Perdomo Álvarez, a young 26-year-old lineman,who had his right hand cut off by one of those gangs, an incident for which five people were arrested.

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