Driver recovers after his flour truck overturns in Las Tunas and thanks rescuers

The young man was hospitalized due to the severity of the injuries he suffered in the accident.

The driver of a truck loaded with wheat flour that overturned on the Central Highway, in Las Tunas, is recovering and has expressed his gratitude to those who helped him at a critical moment.

The accident It happened this Tuesday. It caused no loss of life, but the driver was hospitalized for the injuries he suffered in the accident. The vehicle's cabin was severely damaged.

Facebook Robert Á. Viamontes

Driver, Robert Á. Viamontes, made public through social networks, a message of gratitude to his rescuers.

"Thank you very much to all those people who offered their good wishes and helped get me out of the cabin. I don't like these types of publications, but today I do it out of gratitude to everyone and especially to God who put his hand and already I'm recovering," declared the affected person.

Facebook Robert Á. Viamontes

The incident occurred when the rear tires of the truck came off, causing the vehicle to overturn, according to witnesses. Fortunately, the driver was rescued without serious injuries, despite the severe destruction of the cabin.

The truck, a Soviet-made ZIL 130, was completely overturned, an image that went viral on social networks. There was no loss of human life in the accident but there were considerable material losses because the load of wheat flour was scattered along the road.

Police officers and local authorities, as well as officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, went to the scene.

This accident occurs amid an acute shortage of wheat flour in the country. In February, a similar incident occurred with a truck loaded with beer and food, which also generated considerable public attention.

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